Up to Date

10872147_10152662947062939_561861365_nIt doesn’t matter whether it’s Tinder, Match.com, or a desperate email on LinkedIn, no matter how you secure your date in this modern lovescape: you still actually have to go on the date. I know, right? Old-school. Here’s some common sense, yet valuable advice for sealing a second date from Columbus Matchmaker Rachelle Loraine of It’s Just Lunch:

1. Ask your date questions about themselves. Be interesting by being interested. As crazy as it sounds, ask about their job—because if they don’t have one, you’ll be picking up the check at the end of the night.

2. Put your phone away! Be in the moment, and pay full attention to your date. Facebook can wait. The worst thing you can do is show your date you’re more interested in seeing who’s posting pics of their dinner on Instagram than learning about them. The picture of the maki roll will be there later. #NoWonderYou’reSingle

3. Share just the highlights of your life and be honest. By sharing too much too soon, you’ll scare away a potential relationship. Also, if you’re dishonest, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Great example: I’m super allergic to cigarette smoke. A guy I went out with told me he was a non-smoker then kept “taking phone calls outside” and returned smelling like a campus bar circa 2002…smooth.

4. Limit a first date to one to two hours maximum. Leave something to be desired for the second date. If you spend too much time together, you’re asking for it to be a one-and-done. The dangers are many: awkward silences, overindulging in alcohol, making bad decisions…never end a first date with morning breath.

5. Discuss common interests, current events, and fun happenings around town. Avoid politics and religion—you’re on a date, not in a debate. Ever make the mistake of taking a politician to a Buckeye game? I sure did. He talked politics the whole time while my Buckeyes were playing! The nerve.

Founded in Chicago in 1991, It’s Just Lunch has been operating out of Columbus for 17 years and is now a worldwide matchmaking and dating service that has helped set up more than 2 million first dates in 105 locations. For more, call (614) 457-0004 or visit itsjustlunchcolumbus.com.