Art by Chas Ray Krider

The Art of Love

Maybe your latest Tinder match has a picture in front of the Louvre, or a Salvador Dali quote for their tagline. Maybe you’re just stuck in the onslaught of cold, grey depression that February brings, and you’re struggling to find an inspiring idea for date night. Maybe you’re just trying to hide the fact that your artistic side begins and ends with pinning place settings on your Pinterest board. Whatever the case, (614) has you covered with this guide to a romantic evening with the arts.

Film Study

While it may be high on the list of cliché date ideas, under the right circumstances a movie can work magic—and Gateway Film Center has provided those circumstances.

Impress your date with your knowledge of indie films, and take in a gallery exhibition all in one spot. In the first exhibit of four planned throughout the year, the Gateway Film Center will be showcasing the work of Columbus artist Tony Simione. The new gallery space located in the hallway leading to the theaters will be adorned with character portraits of some of the most famous creatures in the world of film. Simione’s work includes a watercolor portrait of Jason, a painted resin figures of Ninja Turtles, and scenes from Jaws. Gateway will be screening movies represented in Simione’s work throughout the 11-week exhibition, as well as its usual lineup of independent and blockbuster films, so it’s pretty tough to go wrong. A good test to see if it’s true love would be to gauge your date’s enthusiasm for a viewing of the 1987 film Predator (premiering February 15). Anyone who can’t get down with Predator isn’t worth your time.

Perhaps a Cocktail?

A spot at the large communal table inside of Mouton provides you with views of fellow imbibers, the sights and sounds of the Short North, and throughout February and March, the spectacular photo montage work of Chas Ray Krider. Krider calls Columbus home, but his work has been shown and published around the world. There is perhaps no better accompaniment to his retro-erotic work than an adult beverage or three. Krider’s montages feature what he describes as “Thanatos within Eros” or love and destruction. The subjects of his photographs cast shadows across detailed backgrounds that give nods to film noir and pin-up culture. These photos are combined with found images to create surreal visions. If it’s the first date, maybe you can save the love versus destruction discussion for date two, which should be pretty much locked down after a night at Mouton.

Romance in the Bottoms

A date night in Franklinton sends many signals to your potential partner:

A) I like hanging out in old warehouses, but not in a creepy way.

B) I am on board with Mayor Coleman’s mission to revitalize this place.

C) I am friends with either Jim Sweeney, Zach Henkel, Chris Sherman, or all three.

With multiple bars and restaurants, a brewery, and two spectacular exhibits planned for February, it’s not hard to have a great time in Franklinton. Make sure to check out the relocated Glass Axis on Town Street, where the work of Brooklyn artist Esther Ruiz will be on display. Her solo exhibition Neon Dreams features sculptures made of cement, neon, plexiglass and more, that create a playful juxtaposition of the natural and fabricated world.

Just a few blocks away from Glass Axis, The Vanderelli Room will be hosting the group exhibition Dark Love: Fables and Foibles on February 13. The show promises to bring to life the darker side of your favorite myths, fairy tales, and legends, in order to explore the price of love. Once you’ve had your fairy tale idea of love shattered, you can just head over to Land-Grant Brewing Co. and drown your sorrows in a pint of Kolsch. Oh, to be young hip and in love in Franklinton…