Photo by Chris Casella

Sass up the Gym

Let’s face it, we could all use a little extra motivation at times. And when it comes in the form of new clothes, who can argue? Modern fashion is making it even easier to have fun with your workout attire with the fad of “athleisure” – a nonsensical yet somehow perfectly descriptive term. It’s now trendy to wear your workout clothes outside of the gym; acceptable even to wear your Lulus to brunch. And there’s more – studies point to a psychological phenomenon called “enclothed cognition,” which basically means that your clothing triggers mental changes that will positively affect your performance. Hell yeah, science. We’ve rounded up some of the funniest and sassiest tops to add to your wardrobe and amp up your fitness.

Recipe for your own snarky workout shirt


1 iron-on transfer pencil (bought from a craft store)

1 T-shirt

Iron and ironing board

Various colors of fabric puff paint



1. Design your shirt on the computer. I typically use Microsoft Word and create large bubble letters that will be easy for me to paint. Print your design.

2. Using the iron-on transfer pencil, trace the BACK of your design. NOTE: The writing should be backwards!

3. Position your design on your T-shirt with the traced side down. This means you should be looking at your computer design. You are putting it on backwards so that the letters transfer the right way.

4. Iron over the image, making sure you don’t move the paper. Remove the paper and the image outline should be on your T-shirt.

5. Paint your image. Let it dry overnight and then outline your image; outlining makes it look more professional. Let dry overnight again before you wear, and wash like you would a regular T-shirt.


Clothing from Nike, Kohl’s, Victoria Secret’s PINK, Pebby Forevee, Forever 21 and Julie Wilkes of Seven Studios.