Love me Tinder: The Aftermath with Greg

Greg greeted us in the morning after his date ended with a deafening sigh.

Fortunately I am an expert at diffusing awkwardness, so it wasn’t too painful,” he said. “She’s interesting, successful, confident, beautiful and a total extrovert, and for some odd reason agreed to see me again. But I am hesitant. I didn’t really feel a click. Most of the date I was searching my mind for some ways to be clever, or engaging, which really shouldn’t be the case. In my mind, dating should feel more natural. She does gymnastics and I read comic books. She has a career and I am in still cracking away at college.”

Attraction is abstract. From Greg’s description, his date seemed perfect—the epitome of everything a single dude could hope for. But in reality, there is no standardized base for desirability. For Greg, she was almost too perfect, a negative quality that could baffle even the most refined dating experts.

After a week had passed Greg told us he hasn’t scheduled a second date.

I’ve conceded that I maybe I am not the best companion for anyone. Maybe I’ll buy a ferret, then at least I will not die completely alone, but in the company of something that smells even worse than my rotting cadaver.”