Love me Tinder: The Aftermath with Charles

We never saw Charles again. He, instead, called us three hours after his date with the opening line, “Aww, he likes me.”

Giggling, he reported back that the date lasted for two hours, they each had two drinks, and they realized they lived two minutes away from each other while growing up.

Recognizing a pattern of two’s, we now know that either a.) Charles’s favorite number is two or that b.) the two are meant to be.
And, apparently, the date did go a bit smoother than most of Charles’s dates—Tinder or traditional ones. His date ended up being cuter in person and the dreaded awkward pause didn’t find its way into conversation.

Knowing Charles had no expectations of sex and that it was kind of early in the night, we asked him how he left his date.
“I walked him back to his car, we did the whole goodnight-kiss deal, and then I left to go get food,” said Charles. “The kiss was open lips, but no tongue.”
In the time between one of our many dropped calls, Charles got a text from his date.

“I definitely want to go on another date, but there was no moment when I thought, ‘I want him to go home with me right now,’” said Charles. “He asked me if I wanted to hang out Thursday, but I’m going to play it by ear and talk to other guys in the meantime. I’m super selective.”
A week later, it turns out Charles is still into the dude.