Do You Drink More Than You Think?

Tired of blistering hangovers and an empty wallet? Maybe it’s time to start keeping track of your alcohol intake.

Whether you’re out sipping wine or pounding shots, one thing you likely bring with you is your phone. Instead of using it to snap selfies and send texts you probably shouldn’t, you can use it to help you drink smarter.

Here’s a roundup of apps you can use to make yourself aware of how many calories you’re consuming, how much you’re spending on booze, and how drunk you are on any given Saturday night.

I’m Done Drinking

This is a simple app that calculates how much money you’d save and how many empty calories you’d avoid if you gave up drinking –
using this app can be sobering. For anyone who is considering going dry, downloading this app and setting a start date for your last drink will allow you to see how many drinks and booze-related calories you haven’t consumed since that day, as well as an estimate of the money you’ve saved.

Available for $0.99 in the App Store.


Gage can help better keep track of your BAC (blood alcohol content) and how long it takes you to sober up during a night of drinking. This app allows you to enter your own information, as well as information for your drinking buddies, such as their height, weight, what they’re drinking, and how much. You can set up the app to alert you when you or your friends might’ve sobered up, giving you a better idea of just how long that takes, depending on what you’re drinking.

Available for $0.99 in the App Store.


This app costs a little more, but you get what you pay for. DrinkControl tracks your alcohol intake and allows you to see when you’re drinking more than moderate guidelines suggest, as well as how much money you’re dropping on alcohol. The app compiles statistics for the week, month and year, so you can see how much you’re boozing and spending over time. It also allows you to save drinks you consume often, for ease of operation.

Available for $4.99 in the App Store, though there is a free version with limited features.

Drink It Smart

Many people who drink regularly don’t know what different levels of intoxication actually do to their bodies. You can also track your BAC with this app, and it tells you exactly how the alcohol is affecting you. It’s a great choice for anyone who has trouble knowing when they’ve had a few too many, and it can help you see when you’re too impaired to drive or make clear decisions.

Free in the App Store.