Photo by Nick Fancher

Brand New Bag

In times of need, your purse is always by your side and also holds your lipstick for you. Whether you have a collection of handbags or one solid go-to, a good purse is something to invest in. However, with seasonal changes and trend turnovers it’s hard to choose just one for your time and money. With spring right around the corner, we checked out local boutiques and department store for the season’s hottest trends.

Behind the Lens

Nick Fancher can shoot anywhere. Literally.

(614)’s fashion photography benefits greatly from his ability to set up dynamic backdrops and lighting scenarios on the fly—and on the cheap.

Not only is he willing to share his talents with our readers, but with his fellow photographers as well. Next month, you’ll be able to grab his new book, Studio Anywhere, through, but right here, for the aspiring photographer, Nick takes you behind the lens and shows you how it’s all done:

Studio Anywhere is not just a book—it’s also a mindset. The idea is that a studio-like environment can be created anywhere using minimal (and affordable) photographic tools, as well as various elements from one’s surroundings, allowing the photographer to travel light and set up quickly.

For this shoot, I wanted to isolate Alexandria in an all-black environment, allowing the focus to be on the handbags. I only needed two flashes, a piece of white foam-core, and two pieces of black foam-core, which were taped together to create a “v-flat.” I placed the flashes on the floor, on either side of Alexandria, aiming one at the white board and one at a nearby red wall (which created the red hue on the right side of her body). By bouncing the flash, it made the lights appear larger, and it softened the quality, creating a gentle rim light, illuminating her whole body. And since the flash’s output is significantly brighter than the tungsten ceiling lights, only objects in the path of the flashes (Alexandria and the handbags) were lit, the rest of the scene going to black.

To pre-order your copy of Studio Anywhere (due March 31), go to

Copy & Styling: Anna Wonn

Photography: Nick Fancher

Hair & Makeup: LeighAnn Ehmann

Model: Alexandria Toothman

Heyman Talent Agency:



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