The Interview Issue

The interview is the backbone of journalism, the spine around which a writer molds the flesh of the article. When elevated to a format for telling the story in its entirety, the interview becomes something more, a dance of sorts, or a test of wills. This year, our writers took the task in front of them—be challenging, take risks—and produced intriguing pieces that often play with the Q&A format itself, all in the hopes of offering an original perspective on 11 of Columbus’s most fascinating subjects.

Ted Williams, The Golden Voice

Shelley Meyer, Nurse/Spin Instructor

Counterfeit Madison, Musician/Chef/Teacher

Stephen Snyder-Hill, Major, U.S. Army

Joe Deloss, Hot Chicken Takeover

Kelli Martin, Alternative Fashion Mob

Nancy Kramer, Founder and Chairman, Resource/Ammirati

Greg Lashutka, Former Mayor, City of Columbus

Sangeeta Lakhani, Bodega/The Table

Bobby Silver, Entrepreneur/Musician/Artist

Jess Matthews, Cyclist Activist

Gregg Dodd, Columbus Library