Table Talk

Amy Turn Sharp

Poet, Word Church

AmyTurnSharpCheap: I work in the Arena District so I go to Lan Viet at North Market a lot. I eat the beef Pho and sometimes the Bánh Mì. They will always add extra jalapeños for me. Yum. I like the lady who works there. She’s always happy. I also like this cheap and delicious hot dog from the Exotic Latino Grill up by Hudson Street. It’s the perros columbianos. Cheap. Potato chips on it. Go now and sit out by the truck after a night out and enjoy the hum of the city. I don’t care if it’s cold; it’s worth it.

Rich: The Worthington Inn. I live down the street from this amazing institution. I love Chef Tom. He makes amazing dishes with locally sourced food and the bartender makes the best dirty martini ever. You can slowly get drunk at the old, long bar and think about all the history in the place.

Sweet: Cherbourg Bakery. They have this lemon bar that makes you curl your toes. I can’t stop thinking about it for weeks after I have one. Also, this place is gluten- and nut-free but you would never know it. Sassafras Bakery, too. Eat AJ’s cinnamon rolls on a Sunday morning and I swear you won’t get the blues.

Varun Ramanujam

Columbus Metropolitan Library

Varun_RamanujamCheap: My go-to spot: El Camino on Fourth. Great tacos and beers, plus you can bring in vinyl to play. Always a win—and a great date spot. When aren’t tacos the answer?

Rich: Till on King Avenue. Throw on a blazer for no reason and sip on an incredible Old Fashioned while you feast. I stay up at night thinking about the Kung Pao Baby Kale. Seriously.

Sweet: Run, don’t walk, to L’Appat Patisserie. Family-owned spot in Olde Towne East with the most delicate and delicious pastries, cookies, and the best beignets I have had. Pro tip: go for brunch and then grab sweets to binge by yourself.

Counterfeit Madison


CounterfeitMadisonCheap: Do you have 10 bucks and want to eat the best Asian food in Columbus? Go to Tokyo GoGo. This food truck is parked outside of Brothers Drake, is open from Wednesday through Saturday, and their soba noodles and korokke will give you orgasms.

Rich: If you make it rain on the regular, go eat at The Table—right across the street from my cheap pick. This food is eclectic, fresh, unpretentious, exquisite, and soul-warming. They have an egg dish called akoori that I order on the regular—it sends me straight to the throne of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Sweet: Sweet tooth-wise, stay at The Table. The sweets are baked by Nina Hernandez and Terry Traster, and here are the facts, folks: the earth is round, the sun is the center of the solar system, and you haven’t lived until you’ve had something baked by either of these two. Undisputable fact. Challenge me on it. Come at me, bro.

Cat Sheridan

Columbus College of Art and Design

CatSheridanCheap: Hands down, German Village Coffee Shop. This greasy spoon Columbus staple is a veritable Cheers for me and my kin, so much so that you can order a “Sheridan breakfast sandwich.”

Rich: Eating like a queen? Let’s go to Third & Hollywood where our mouths will water with every bite, each morsel perfectly balanced in texture, flavor, and aroma. The menu steeped in our Midwestern underpinnings, revels in, and dares us to lift the veil on our oft-overlooked regional opulence.

Sweet: Pistacia Vera. They’re so good, you’ll be tempted to smack the next person that tries to give you a confection of lesser quality. Yes. That good. While I’m partial to their tarts and tortes, I wouldn’t refuse a single thing they’re serving.

Connie Everett



Cheap: If I had only $10 I’d go to Bakersfield for two huitlacoche tacos and a shot of tequila. (Or maybe one taco and two shots!)

Rich: Now $100 gives me options! I love fish. First, mussels at the Hilton Gallerie Bar, then Hyde Park. Best crab cakes in town and the Potatoes Gruyere Gratin are ooh la la. AAA wine selection.

Sweet: I don’t have a sweet tooth; I’m a flat out sugar-holic. Let’s just say, Just Pies is way too close to my house!