Photo by Chris Casella

Cool Glass/Hot Wax

Each issue, Stock & Barrel sits down with a Columbus musician to talk about weird glasses, drinking, and their favorite drinking albums…

Sam Brown

Instrument: Drums, Guitar, Vocals
Band Roster: New Bomb Turks, Gaunt, The Sun, You’re So Bossy, Divine Fits, The Operators

Describe to me your favorite beverage glass. How long have you had it? Do you remember where you got it?

Well they don’t last long at my house on account of my rich, buttery fingers. My current favorite is a tumbler of respectable weight with a Dia de los Muertos skull on it. In truth, it belongs to my wife, and I should probably stop using it while it still holds drinks. 

What are your favorite drinks to consume from your fancy-shmancy glass? How do you serve them? Rocks? Garnish? Or room temp with a human hair in it?

When the livin’ is easy, I enjoy a glass of tequila on the rocks with a fat lime slice. For the other half of the year, I require assistance that only bourbon can provide. I love a Manhattan. It’s a drink you can adjust to mood so the recipe is never settled.

OK, so, now that we’ve determined that you are an alcoholic with a fancy glass (we kid!), we want to hear about some of your favorite drinking records. Let’s say you are having a rootin’, tootin’ night of friends hanging out at the house, and it’s getting loud and maybe people are feeling like dancing a little. What do you throw on the turntable?

Michael Jackson, Off The Wall 

Now I’m going to change the mood a bit: it’s one of those Ohio fall-turning-into-winter-kind of days. The last leaves on the trees are clinging for dear life to the branches, the light is diffused and grey, and it is just kind of wet and nasty outside. You are all alone for a moment of cozy introspection and a quiet drink by the fire. Not that you hang out at home and drink alone, but if you did, who would sound the best?

Sonny Rollins, The Bridge