Photo by Allie Lehman/The Wonder Jam

At Your Service

“There has to be something else,” Eric Hayes thought to himself as he ate what felt like his millionth salmon salad.

He was—and is—a busy guy who didn’t have the time or desire to cook meals and found himself ordering the same thing from the same restaurant every day.

When he realized there wasn’t something else, he decided to make it, and Fit Food was born. His food delivery business is part of a growing trend of healthy grub on the go.

Everything from Fit Food is $9 or less, and there aren’t delivery fees or subscription costs. Just good, healthy food delivered wherever. And Hayes wants to make sure customers don’t find themselves staring at the same salmon salad day after day—no matter how convenient it is.

Photo by Allie Lehman/The Wonder Jam

Photo by Allie Lehman/The Wonder Jam

“The menu changes day to day, and we change seasonally as well,” he said. “We try to use as many local products as possible, whether it’s our produce or our meats.”

For the winter, Fit Food is focusing on making comfort meals that don’t pack unsightly amounts of calories. This season features dishes like mini meatloafs, cheese-less macaroni and cheese, and baked chicken wings.

“It’s things your mom would make for you on a Thursday evening. We try to do the same thing but healthier options,” Hayes said.

The service doesn’t want to hide behind the over-trumpeted healthy mantra, either. Every food item has a calorie, carb, and protein count beside it, as well as any other pertinent nutrition information, so customers know exactly what they’re eating. No guessing.

Customers don’t have any obligations and can order food as they want it, whether that’s a dish here and there or a meal every day.

In the future, Fit Food is hoping to roll out an improved system through which customers can order their food in three clicks and get it in 90 minutes. Hayes said they’re also working on an app so customers can see where their drivers are and when their food will arrive.

And Hayes isn’t the only one who decided there had to be a better way to get food on the go without drowning in grease and regret. Part of VidaFit, an integrated health and wellness company in Columbus, True Food Delivery is a meal-plan service that caters specifically to customers.

Once a patron signs up for the plan, they’ll have dishes delivered to them that are gluten-free, made from scratch, organic, fresh, and don’t have any added salt or sugar.

Photo by Allie Lehman/The Wonder Jam

Photo by Allie Lehman/The Wonder Jam

“It’s clean. It’s really, really clean eating,” CEO Shawn Ehmann said. “It’s hard to eat out anywhere. Even if you go to a restaurant, it’s not healthy—they add salt [or] the food comes with mayo.”

The food delivery all starts with nutrition and convenience.

Customers can also alter their meal plans to their preferences. If a client is a vegetarian, or doesn’t like spicy foods, or just doesn’t want spinach in any of their dishes, they can customize the meal plan to their needs, and the food comes already prepared. It arrives twice a week so customers will be set for a few days.

“They know that they can eat as much of it as they want,” Ehmann said about the healthy nature of the food.

Many customers also pair their True Food Delivery service with a workout plan, and Ehmann said the goal is for patrons to be self-sufficient, so recipes for all the dishes are readily available. Like Fit Food, the meals also focus on being fresh and having local ingredients.

“It’s as clean as it can be,” Ehmann said.

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