Skip the gym. Head to the mall!

We know. Black Friday shopping is practically it’s own workout. Incase you feel guilty about skipping your workout class, we have some easy moves you can do to help you tone while you shop. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

1.) Work your quads – As you reach down for an item, bend at your knees instead of at your back. This way, you won’t strain yourself and the squat position will work your quads.

2.) Calf raises – As you wait in line to pay, raise yourself up and down to get in a quick calf workout. Continue to pulse until you get to a cashier.

3.) Posture – Shopping bags wearing you down? Hold a few bags in each hand and raise your shoulders to your ears. As you raise them, roll your shoulders behind you in a circular motion. This helps release stress and gives your posture some attention.

4.) Tone your arms – When you walk through the mall with your bags, do some bicep curls. Make sure to hold your elbows tightly to your sides. Bring your arms up, release slowly and repeat.

Make shopping beneficial for you this holiday season! With all the hustle and bustle, we want you to be sore for the right reasons. Not from the holiday stress.


Tips from The Beauty Bean.