Inside the Parentheses

Considering the way the season is going for the injury-riddled Blue Jackets, “Dancing” Kevin Schroeder might be the most exciting thing happening in Nationwide Arena.

He’s been scrawling motivational messages like “Defend NWA” and “Let’s Go To Work,” on his giant belly, which he is more than happy to giggle wildly for the crowd and for the TV audience at home. With the team struggling, they’re gonna need some extra motivation from the leader of the Fifth Line. Allow (614) to offer the following painted/pointed suggestions:


Kids Tweet the Darndest Things

Social media can be both bane and boon to the average teenager. Case in point: Columbus 16-year-old Sylvie Mix and the unsanctioned party she threw at her mom’s house this fall. Tons of kids got wind of the advantageous situation (Maika Carnes, her mother was recuperating from surgery at a friend’s house), and it grew from what was supposed to be a few girlfriends watching movies into a full-blown bash. When the predictable punishment followed, locking Sylvie down until 2015, her cohorts went back to the wires, hoping to liberate her in tongue-in-cheek fashion—and a movement was born.

An example of the tweets sent to her mother, Maika Carnes

“What I learned in jail is that I cant change. I cant live a different lifestyle, this is it this is the life that I made” Tupac #freesylvie

“If it means my death, I don’t care, because even death will be a sort of freedom” -Catherine Fisher “Incarceration” #FreeSylvie

To see the incredible outcome of the viral #freesylvie movement, click here.

Tape Measure versus Ebola

2 = Number of deaths in the United States from Ebola this year.

1= Number of deaths in the United States from falling tape measures this year.

We will keep you informed of these almost equally deadly threats as we hear word, and for your own safety, please don’t visit West Africa or Lowe’s until the danger has passed.

You Have Mail

In the April 2013 issue of (614), we featured a young, local documentarian named Michael Polk and his movie about the resurgent practice of creating and sending mail art. His film, Making Mail, is now complete and available online for free in its entirety at

TEDx Columbus Outtakes

Our cover story this month discusses the next set of ambitious, viral ideas with the potential to spread throughout the city and beyond. Unfortunately, there’s never enough space to cover every interesting, provocative, funny, offbeat thing said at an event like TEDx Columbus, so we decided to print some of the best outtakes here:

“Nobody cares about the ‘happily ever after;’ they care about the story.”

– Jim Fowler, mathematician,
“Humanity of Calculus”

“Every child deserves radically personalized learning.”

– Katherine Prince, educational futurist,
“Creating a Vibrant Learning Ecosystem”

“I don’t have the luxury of being angry.”

– Jim White, Sr., mentor,
“What Can We Learn from Ferguson?”

“We’re truly entering a final frontier, a new frontier in medical technology.”

– Chad Bouton, researcher and inventor,
“The New Medical Bypass”

“Retail is for suckers.”

– Nick George, artist,
“Latent Layers of Time and Space”

“I want actors! I want people who embody mathematics.”

– Jim Fowler, mathematician,
“Humanity of Calculus”

“There are no pills to cure low levels of intelligence.”

– Dr. Brad Bushman, social psychologist,
“Exploring the STEAM of Anger”

For a more in-depth look at the ideas and speakers from this year’s symposium, turn to page XX.

And an outtake most definitely not from TEDx…

“The ‘80s basically sucked for music, except for underground music. It was awful. It was terrible. It was f*cking Phil Collins and Genesis and Huey Lewis. I mean, I can’t think of anything worse than Huey Lewis.” – Bela Koe-Krompecher, founder of Anyway Records. For more about Bela and his record label click here.