Better Sweating through Technology

Your smartphone can tell you how to get where you’re going, what music to listen to and how to cook, so it was only a matter of time before it told you how to work out, too. Downloadable (and free!) personal training apps remove the exercise guesswork so you can focus on dropping weight/building muscle, and the seemingly endless variety of workouts constantly challenges your body, regardless of your fitness level.

I chose BodeeFit, an easy and effective app that provides an ever-changing daily exercise regimen. The routines are short – 10 to 20 minutes – but intense. It offers a new workout every day along with three example videos of how to do each exercise correctly. At the end, you log your results and choose an adorable/aggravating emoji to show how you’re feeling. The app is great for those who work out at home because you don’t need much equipment, however, there’s no one to check your form, which can be problematic if you struggle with certain exercises. 

Below, I’ve logged a daily journal for one week with BodeeFit.

Day One – Leg Burn!

Complete six rounds.

25 jumping squats Move into a squat position then explode upward into a jump. These are pretty easy for 10 reps, 25 not so much.

10 V-ups Lie flat with your arms extended above your head. Raise your legs upward while bringing your shoulders off the floor and touching your fingers to your lower leg. Not a difficult move, but it’s easy to cheat and just move your arms forward without fully working your core.

10 knees to elbows Act like you’re going to do a pushup, but instead take your left knee and move it across your torso so that it touches your right elbow. Alternate knees.

17 minutes, seven seconds K My butt is jelly. Not the Beyoncé kind.

Day Two – Denver Burner

15-Minute AMRAP Complete as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) in 15 minutes.

20 lunges You’ll probably think this is an easy workout at this point.

15 dips I set up two short chairs parallel to one another, leaving enough space to lower my torso between them. Still pretty easy…

10 burpees Burpees look deceptively easy but they aren’t, especially in combination with other exercises at high intensity. Sweat everywhere.

Six rounds K Up until now I always thought Denver sounded nice.

Day Three – Miller Mile

Complete four rounds, running 400 meters between each round. This was my jogging day already so I ran three miles before the workout and skipped the 400-meter dashes.

25 hand-release pushups Like a normal pushup, except at the bottom of the movement allow your torso to rest on the floor and briefly pull both hands slightly off the ground.

25 box jumps I don’t have a box so I use the stairs.

25 sit-ups Nothing like the first two exercises to make you look forward to sit-ups.

17 minutes, 59 seconds J These exercises aren’t too difficult by themselves, but the pushups and box jumps are taxing when you’re doing lots of reps.

Day Four – T Time

12-Minute AMRAP Do four minutes of Tabata (20 seconds of as many reps as possible then 10 seconds rest) for each exercise and then switch to the next, counting the total number of rounds you’re able to complete in 12 minutes.

In & Outs Extend your legs like you are going to do a leg lift then pull them toward your chest, tucking the knees inward and pulling your butt off the floor slightly before extending back out into the starting position. I had to hold my phone in my hand to keep time during this.

Jumping squats These again. Gross.

Plank jumps Starting in a plank position, “jump” your legs forward so that your arms are still in place but your legs are now tucked underneath you. Then jump back to the original plank position. Do it over and over and over, preferably while contemplating murdering the person who invented this activity.

24 rounds L Tabata is always painful, but throwing jumping squats next to plank jumps was just masochistic.

Day Five – The Tens 2.0

Complete 10 rounds.

10 jumping lunges Start in the down position of a lunge and hop upward while switching your legs underneath you so that you move directly into the down position of another lunge with your legs reversed.

10 dips I love dips. That’s all.

10 bicycle sit-ups Start on your back with your hands behind your ears and your elbows out, one leg tucked toward your chest and the other leg extended. Move the extended leg toward your chest while moving the other leg outward, pivoting so that your opposite elbow touches the knee moving back toward your chest.

14 minutes, 37 seconds J Easiest workout by far, just how the week should end.