Inside the Parentheses

As determined by the Citizens United Supreme Court case, corporations and labor unions are now legally people, at least in terms of campaign spending. This development has caused elected officials to even more closely resemble their corporate counterparts – tone-deaf public posturing about legislative products you don’t need, all supported by financial ownership stakes from a few rich insiders.

As long as we’re forced to pick between brainless corporate haircuts, you may as well know who owns the men and women who would like you to believe it’s not just about the Benjamins, baby. Here are the top “non-individual contributors” to these select candidates, as of October 17, courtesy of the National Institute on Money in State Politics.


Joyce Beatty
Democrat, incumbent

Total raised $567,921

1. International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers $10,000 – Trade union (Washington D.C.)
2. Huntington Bancshares $10,000 – Banking (Columbus, OH) 3. Credit Union National Association $8,500 – Trade association (Washington D.C.)

John Adams
Republican, challenger
Total raised $891,143

1. Ohio Gun Collector’s Association $24,523 – Single-issue association (Northfield, OH) 2. Wholesale Beer & Wine Association of Ohio $20,900 – Trade association (Columbus, OH)
3. Ohio Association of Realtors $14,000 – Trade association (Columbus, OH)

Steve Stivers
Republican, incumbent
Total raised $1,979,875*

1. Property Casualty Insurance Association of America $11,500 –Trade association (Chicago, IL)
2. NAPSLO (high-risk insurance underwriters) $11,000 – Trade association (Kansas City, MO)
3. Abbott Laboratories $10,000 – Pharmaceutical manufacturing (Abbott Park, IL)

*The leading current contributor to Steve Stivers is “unitemized donations” ($13,600).

Scott Wharton
Democrat, challenger
Total raised $23,151

1. Transport Workers Union Political Contribution Committee $2,500 – Trade union PAC (Washington D.C.)
2. Transport Workers Union Local 208 $2,500 – Trade union (Columbus, OH)
3. International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers $2,000 – Trade union (Washington D.C.)

For Clarification: 

Brian Setzer BrianSetzer

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Brian Yetzer

A goofy visionary from New York who wishes it was 2050 so that he could live in the era of technological singularity.

For more about Brian Yetzer and the Columbus minds behind the new Short North gallery where he exhibited his work, check out page 36. We’re sorry to tease you, but there will be no further mentions of Brian Setzer in this magazine.