Glamour and Glitz

CMH Fashion Week seems to surprise us in a different way each year. Last year they blew our minds with a Bryant Park mock up – a tent set up by the fountains in Genoa Park gave even the least fashion-forward person the sense that they were at the New York Fashion Week. This year, they changed the game on us yet again. Set in the century-old Athenaeum downtown, this year’s finale show gave us a classic, glamorous ballroom vibe and prepped us for an amazing show.

This year’s designers upped the ante as well, especially headline designer, Althea Harper. The Project Runway vet stole the show with her Spring/Summer Resort line. She even gave us a taste of seasons past as she started the show with a handful of her older designs. The entire show kept us on the edge of our seats and wanting more. The bar has been set – let’s see what the sixth installment of CMH Fashion Week will bring us next year.



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