Photo by Allie Lehman

Fit in a Bit

busy day without time to stop and cook used to mean a cup of Ramen for lunch and dinner.

Now, it means home-cooked healthy food that’s delivered right to your office, house, or even to the gym.

It’s a growing trend for a couple of local businesses that literally cater to young professionals and people with a busy lifestyle — or people who just aren’t into cooking.

VidaFit co-founder Shawn Ehmann just launched his business in Columbus and said his most common customers so far are executives and stay-at-home moms.

And Fit Food was launched after the owner of a Short North boutique realized he didn’t have enough time to balance shopping, preparing food, cooking, and cleaning up and still maintain a social life, so it limited his ability to eat healthy.

But it’s not just about convenient meals that show up when you’re hungry. Both businesses also have customizable menus so customers can pick their own meals to match their tastes.

At VidaFit, patrons get to pick three preferences. So if someone wants meals that don’t have meat or a lot of spice, there are still options.

Fit Food has changing plate options where customers can order their food based on a daily menu. They can pick how much they order from the menu so it could be breakfast one day and three meals the next day.

The food options range from shrimp or tofu tacos to yogurt with fresh fruit and Asian salads.

“Nutrition is the single most important way to become and stay healthy,” Ehmann said. “What’s important is not your food restrictions, but what you eat.”

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