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Photo by Nick Fancher

Glam Burgers: Kraft House #5

Even though it’s only been on the restaurant radar for the blink of an eye, Kraft House #5 had a head start because chef Marcus Meacham already created a bold name for himself in the local scene. Creative, playful, and fiercely competitive, Meacham sees food through his own unique lens, and we are the better for it. Chef and his restaurant recently unveiled the fall menu and, for the moment, it has a trio of burgers that are obsession-worthy.

The KH5 burger is, like, monumental, not only in size but in scope. “The KH5 burger has everything: a trip to the other dimension. The combination of bacon, jalapeño, smoky tomato jam, and pork shoulder is Wu-tastic,” said Meacham in his singular style. The chef is inspired by everything – seasons, fresh ingredients, badasses. On the healthier tip, the Tomato burger – a house-ground beef patty topped with a fried beefsteak tomato slice, white cheddar emulsion, and an amalgam of cabbage, raisins, walnuts, and sunflower-seed slaw – was inspired by the changing of the leaves. “It reminds me of a fall get-together, wearing hoodies and beanies type shit.” And there’s the wild style Waikiki Burger that is so crazy it just might work.

What makes the Waikiki Burger the burger of the moment is the marriage of cast-iron-seared, house-made pork tureen and ground beef, accompanied by charred pineapple, mango ketchup, and spicy provolone. I mean, come on. The pork tureen, as described by Chef, is basically a garlic-heavy, seasoned pork shoulder that’s pressed and baked in a water bath. “It’s Spam with a master’s degree,” he said. “It’s a burger good enough to make Samuel L. Jackson smile and leave the room without shooting.”

While Meacham’s masterful mixes are the burgers to seek and destroy this season, the between-the-bun bounties below are nipping at his heels.

Kraft House #5 is located at 5 S. Liberty St., Powell, Ohio