Natural Beauty

Very often when we feel good about ourselves, the positive vibes carry over into everything else we’re doing. Though Fit puts plenty of emphasis on feeling good thanks to a healthy diet and a physically active lifestyle, sometimes feeling good comes from what you put on your body, too – namely, makeup.

Immense research and attention has been focused on the beauty industry lately. More people are starting to closely monitor the ingredients in their daily products because of the potential harm associated with them. A few of the most spoken about are parabens, EDTA, propylene glycol and perfume.

Parabens are found in water-based products to discourage microbial growth. However, they’re said to cause endocrine disruption, meaning they upset hormone function and may potentially be linked to increased risk of cancer cells, among other things.  

Tetrasodium EDTA is used to prevent deterioration in products and to protect fragrance. One of the main concerns is that it’s a penetration enhancer, which breaks down your skin’s natural protective barrier and could make it easier for other harmful substances to enter your body.

Perfume can trigger allergies, asthma and acne if you have sensitive skin. Companies do not have to disclose ingredients in their compounds for fragrances, so there’s no guarantee of what they contain.

Propylene glycol helps prevent products from melting or freezing. It has been linked to acne, eczema and other skin allergies, along with being a possible endocrine disruptor and neurotoxin.

It’s unknown exactly how concentrated these ingredients must be to result in harm, but if you’re looking to incorporate more natural products into your routine, here are a few you might want to try. They will have you feeling good without sacrificing your skin health in the process.

Yes to Cucumbers Daily Calming Moisturizer SPF 30 – $11.99 (drugstores and groceries nationwide)
Locally produced: Gretel’s all-natural salve – $5 (available at Celebrate Local Ohio, Easton Town Center)

Lights, Camera, Lashes™ by Tarte or the waterproof version, Lights, Camera Splashes™ – $20 (Sephora stores or Amazon)

Josie Maran Argan Matchmaker Serum – $42 (Sephora stores or Amazon)

Lip Balm
Aubrey Organics Natural Lips Sheer Tint – $7.50
Locally produced: Root & Willow – $3.75 (available at Celebrate Local Ohio, Easton Town Center)