Local Love

Let’s be honest, you hear a lot about buying local in Columbus. And when it comes to fitness, there are probably very few (if any) businesses outside of studios that come to mind.

When we started Fit a year ago, that was definitely the case. 

More brands have blossomed since, and we took the liberty of rounding up some of the best they have to offer in the realm of fashion and accessories. Because  we like to look good and have fun with our attire, even if we’re drenched in sweat. 

Bend Active
Price range $19.99 – $59.99
It all began with bamboo … or something like that. This local apparel is founded on the idea of making clothing that is flexible, strong and resilient; it bends and doesn’t break. All tops are made of an organic bamboo lyocell and cotton mixture, creating an ultra-soft fabric that’s also stretchy, moisture-wicking and antimicrobial (meaning it doesn’t stink). They offer sports bras, tanks, T-shirts and a variety of bottoms.

Gym Gems
Price range $24 – $330
For the sports enthusiast in your life – or if you’re just looking to treat yo self – Gym Gems serves up quality attractive jewelry inspired by the heart of the fitness world. And it’s not all just for the ladies: necklaces, charms, pendants, bracelets, anklets, body jewelry, earrings, rings, money clips and more.

TGM Wearable Art
Price range $18 – $75
The handmade jewelry and accessories from Tracey Gardner are but an extension of her studio, TGM. She sells bracelets, necklaces, (yoga) mat ties, T-shirts, tanks, wristlets and anklets. All items are handcrafted, some dip-dyed using up-cycled fabric from all over the world.

Heads Up Bands
Price range $6 – $22
These handmade bands were born after a breast cancer diagnosis, inspired by the phase when hair grows back after chemotherapy. The bands control curls and are a great example of turning a negative into a positive. All nonslip bands are made in Columbus, and the company partners with many local organizations to further support the community.

Price $22
Now a national organization, CHAARG (stands for Changing Health, Attitudes, Actions to Recreate Girls) began at Ohio State University. The group aims to ignite a passion for health and fitness for college-aged girls. Their new tank plays on their popular hashtag, but it means more than that. “It wasn’t until someone was joking around saying that they liked their girls “in charge” that we thought it would be a fun tagline on our summer tanks – because literally, we like our girls in CHAARG,” said founder Elisabeth Tavierne.

Seek & Destroy
Price range $25 – $27
Seek & Destroy Apparel claims to be “ninjas for people who work out and lift heavy things” … but, seriously, they produce some cool alternatives to your average T-shirt. From pop culture to playing on stereotypes, these local guys turn out some creative pieces to add some fun to your time at the gym.