Going Nuts for Butters

Recently, nuts have earned a pretty bad reputation in the health world. They are slammed by all the low-fat junkies, have too many calories for the calorie-counters and pose a serious threat of allergic reactions for some people. But this reputation is completely undeserved! Unless you do have an allergy, nuts are too healthy to cut from your diet altogether.

They can be pretty expensive to buy, however, so I recommend consuming your favorite nut in my favorite way … in a butter.

Natural (additive-free) nut butters promise all of the health benefits of regular nuts, but in a convenient and cost-effective way. You still get all the protein, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and flavor in a delicious spread that can be used for sandwiches or as a dip with fresh fruits and vegetables.

When looking for your favorite healthy nut butter in Columbus, there is no better place to go than Krema Nut Company, located at 1000 W. Goodale Blvd. Krema offers a wide selection of products made right here in our wonderful city. The selection of nut butters can’t be beat, including:

Creamy Peanut Butter Not ready to step outside the box yet? That’s OK. Ditch your sugar-filled, grocery store-bought peanut butter for this version.

Crunchy Peanut Butter Perfect for sandwiches on whole grain bread.

Almond Butter If you’re tired of the regular old peanut butter taste, give this a shot! It goes great with your sugar-free, natural fruit preserves.

Cashew Butter My absolute favorite! You’ll have a hard time keeping the lid on this one.

Hot & Spicy Peanut Butter A twist on a classic! I really liked this option with celery sticks.

Smoked Almond Butter Add a tablespoon or two of this to your oats in the morning for a delicious protein boost.

I recommend going nuts (both literally and metaphorically) and getting a sample pack of all six jars for just $24.99. You can spice up your regular brown bag lunches with a combination of flavors for weeks to come!