Street Style: Audra Banfield

My style is simplistic with interesting details. When shopping, I look for amazing quality with cool details either in the structure of the garment or the design.

I don’t feel dressed unless I have my very dainty Adina Reyter diamond triangle necklace. I almost never take it off; it’s such a small detail that gives so much character to your outfit.

My fashion philosophy is quality over quantity!

To me, fashion is a chance to express yourself without saying a single word. I don’t think fashion is vain unless you make it that way. Everyone has to wear clothes – it’s your choice on what type you wear, and some people think about that decision more than others. As long as you feel good in what you are wearing – all other opinions our irrelevant.

Fashion icons Audrey Hepburn, Alexa Chung

Can’t live without Michael Kors black moto-style jacket with brown trim

Shops Rowe, Nordstrom, Brigade, Anthropology, and Madewell

T-shirt Standard by James Perse
Shorts T by Alexander Wang

Shoes Matt Bernson
Clutch The Sway
Purse Foley + Corinna

Sunglasses Westward Leaning
Long Necklace Swarovski
Short Necklace Adina Reyter
Gold Bangle Rowe Boutique
Leather and Gold ring bracelet From Mexico
Leather and Gold wrap bracelet From Mexico
Silver Ring Tiffany & Co.