Pursuit's Nate DeMars Photo by Chris Casella

Like A Boss

Despite the best efforts of scientists and politicians, jobs don’t grow on trees. They require companies, and even the biggest companies on Earth require a person to start them, an entrepreneur. These people, these entrepreneurs, have things in common – dreams, passions, ambitions – in a word, a vision.

And in Columbus, a city teeming with creative concepts and the drive to achieve, these people are everywhere. These people could even be you.

The recession is dead, and though we aren’t quite walking on streets paved in gold, the outlook for the economy, especially here, seems to be more silver lining than rain cloud. The point: do you have an idea? A plan? A crazy notion that maybe you could be the next restaurant tycoon, technology wunderkind, or fashion mogul? Perhaps even a titan of industry? Whether you want to be a purveyor of craft bitters from a tiny corner store or the Next Wexner, you have to start somewhere.

Each entrepreneur has her own journey, but there are shared experiences. First and foremost, it takes hard work. Always. Beyond that, it necessitates baseline knowledge, and that’s where (614) enters the fray. We’ve assembled it here – a set of basic concepts, considerations, and advice from those who have done it, outlining some of the most important aspects of starting – and succeeding – in your own business. We also identified three bright stars within the local business scene who have carved niches for themselves, and we picked their brains about the risks, the pitfalls, the most important lessons, the current commercial landscape, and ultimately, their paths to success.

This is not a business Bible or an entrepreneurship how-to guide. Such a thing – a legitimate one anyway – does not exist. If it did, nothing would fail. The fact is each business, each businessperson, each set of circumstances is different, so it takes doggedness, confidence, adaptability, and flat-out luck to succeed, in addition to all the guidance compiled here. No, this is merely a starting point, and hopefully, a kick in the ass. Carpe diem.