Brownie Points

They’ve been featured on The Today Show, Good Morning America, Food Network, Rachel Ray, Fox Business and in Entrepreneur Magazine; their wares are served on every international, first-class Delta Flight; and, at some point, Justin Bieber’s contract rider demanded them, earning Brownie Points backstage placement at the Billboard Music Awards in 2012.

Still, it’s very likely you’ve never even heard of the Columbus-based bakery.
“It’s funny that we’re not as well known in Columbus as we are nationally, and even internationally because we’re on airlines, so it’s kind of ironic,” said Brownie Points owner Lisa King.

While their far-East Side manufacturing facility does include a small retail shop, they’re not selling most of their brownies to locals. Instead they’re focused on e-commerce and corporate clients, creating custom fragrance-inspired brownies for Bath and Body Works, or a “sexy” brownie line for Victoria’s Secret.

The bakery started out small in the early-’90s in King’s Cleveland apartment, later growing into a small warehouse with several employees. King sold the business in 1999 after moving to Columbus with her then-husband, but after getting divorced, bought it back in 2000 and started from scratch, slowly building up business baking out of her apartment again until she could lease a commercial space.

Brownie Points’ most famous treat is the Original Kitchen Sink brownie, made with four kinds of chocolate, peanut butter and butterscotch chunks, toffee logs and caramel drizzle. Other fun flavors include a candy bar brownie topped with Butterfingers, rich red velvet cake, cookies and cream, and my personal favorite, the Buckeye Brownie: two fudgey brownies with a thick layer of buckeye batter between them, topped with mini chocolate chips.

“We’ve taken desserts that have stood the test of time that people love, and we’ve reinvented them for today,” said King.”

They rotate flavors seasonally, and this summer will be selling a to-be-named Twix candy bar crunch and a banana split that will feature a banana brownie swirled with strawberry and filled with mini chocolate and butterscotch chips.

Besides brownies, Brownie Points creates confectionary treats such as turtles and buckeyes, and has a line of flavorful, colorful popcorn-like “Trendy Trash,” a vanilla butter-based popcorn, pretzel, kettle chip, and graham cracker mix, drizzled with caramel, chocolate, and white chocolate.

You can find Brownie Points products at The Hills Market Downtown, Schmidt’s Fudge Haus, and Scioto Downs. They also offer Columbus-only delivery of brownie platters, which King describes as carefully placed works of art. •



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