Booze You Can Use

The home bar is a sacred place. An altar upon which the quotidian drudgery may successfully be reflected upon, celebrated, purged, or simply ignored altogether.

In stoic rituals of measuring, chilling, stirring, pouring, or on the more desperate days putting a bottle directly to the lips, one can simply focus on the pleasure of enjoying a drink without any of the circumstance that comes with drinking in public.
What the home bar lacks in companionship, it can make up for in solace and ease: even the most basic standards of decency in dress and behavior may be completely unheeded. The home bar can be as Spartan as a few bottles collected atop an Ikea corner table in a studio apartment, or it can be as complex as a custom basement buildout, with square footage rivaling that of the neighborhood dive and a scotch selection that could give Bexley’s Wing’s a run for its money.

Never fear if your situation is the former rather than latter – a good drink can be had on a consistent basis in a modest home bar, with a minimal budget, a little knowledge, and some attention to detail.

What booze one purchases will likely be determined by his or her budget, but with some knowledge, limitations are often catalysts for creativity: see what’s in the fridge and cupboard and either find a cocktail to make, or re-imagine one. •