Best Course of Action

Leave the bar-hopping to the kids and try this moveable feast of three delectable Columbus dishes

As people grow up, so do their social lives. As a young adult, we park-hopped, stealing beers in the sinister shadows of the community playground, careful not to let the bottles clink. Then came the bar-hopping, the High Street scramble to hit as many happy hours as possible. But, that morning headache can quickly become tiresome. The next rung up the maturity ladder is restaurant-hopping.
Who says you have to eat an entire meal at one stop? The frosting on the cake is the pleasure of experiencing different environments, chefs, and vibes. We’ve given you a few ideas so you can hit the restaurant road for a traveling meal:

Ahi Tuna Poke
The Sycamore, 262 E Sycamore St.
Start your journey in German Village at The Sycamore. It’s fashionable, it’s humming with energy, and the appetizers rock. A seductive texture combination of raw tuna and avocado means this is a dish to be savored, not eaten in a rush. The added zing of pickled red onions is the perfect foil to all that creaminess.

Hanger Steak
Kraft House No. 5, 5 S Liberty Rd., Powell
Next, hit the highway in the summer breeze and go way up north to the brand new Kraft House No. 5. Chef Marcus Meacham, formerly of Bodega fame, shakes up the suburbs with his beloved hanger steak, a lean, yet flavorful cut, perched on a crushed truffle fry cake, and hightened by flame-roasted Serrano and braised mushroom compound butter.

Lemon Tart
La Tavola, 1664 W First Ave.
For dessert, head back down south to Grandview, where the not-too-sweet, sublimely citrus-y Lemon Tart with fresh berries and whipped cream will end the night with a sweet summer song. The lemon flavor bursts through fresh enough to make your mouth pucker, but smoothes out quickly, leaving the taste of bright yellow as a parting gift.