Most Romantic Restaurant

The Melting Pot

17.5% of 8,267 votes

This category was so close we had to count each vote by hand, and The Melting Pot eked out the victory by only seven votes, showing that once again Columbus thinks of romance and melted cheese in the same sentence. – 4014 Townsfair Way  |

2  The Refectory 17.5%

3  Lindey’s 14.8%


Melting Pot

15.75% of 3702 votes
Who in the Lovers Set haven’t exchanged smoldering glances over molten food dip? Apparently none of you; you guys love this place, or perhaps it’s cheese the temperature of hot lava, or third-degree chocolate burns or is it merely the ambiance?
4014 Townsfair Way, Easton,

2.  The Refectory 15.26%

3.  Barcelona 15.02%