Medical Intuitive

The Psychic Medium and Medical Intuitive, Sharon, pressed her record button.

“Rule No. 1: Don’t ask any questions unless you are positive you want to know the answer.  Rule No. 2: I’m not medically trained or licensed so do not take any of the information as medical advice.”

I had heard these rules before. A few years ago, I booked a reading with Sharon because I suffered from epilepsy-like symptoms and doctors were baffled. The information I received during my readings put me on a path that led to my full recovery. There are a number of doctors in Central Ohio and around the country that contact Sharon to assist with difficult cases, she says.

“People from the medical community who refer to me often have an interest in staying anonymous because it’s against the rules from their perspective. It’s not traditional Western medicine.”

To be clear – as a medical medium, Sharon is not diagnosing, treating, curing or prescribing; she is translating directly from your Guides, aka Guardian Angels or Spirits, that provide insights and solutions for blocked areas of your life, including what can reside in the body as illness.

“When you look at a whole being, you look at the Intellectual body, the Spiritual body, the Emotional body and the Physical body. That’s a whole being – Mind, Body and Spirit. The other side addresses that whole piece.” And our Guides, as Sharon says, generally address nutrition and what the body is lacking. Sometimes an illness is nutritionally based; sometimes it’s emotionally based.

This time I came to Sharon for a short reading in rather good health with only complaints of lower-back pain and those few stubborn pounds I’d packed on over the long winter. Sharon, perched on the coffee table’s edge, abruptly stood, poking at her hips and lower back through her long flowing skirt and crocheted sweater.

“What’s going on in another person, the other side will often put in me on a temporary basis, or my body will replicate so that I can better understand to translate.”

Sharon torqued her spine and displayed the domino effect of pain I had caused in my body –  left hip and foot turned out, the pain stretched from my left oblique, pulled tight across my lower back to the side of my neck.

Is this pain life-threatening? No. If I did yoga and stretched on a regular basis would I get rid of the symptoms? My Guides say, “Yes.”

Sharon translated, “Sciatic nerve stretches will solve the symptom. The symptom is the contracted muscle. The root of that is a posture problem in you. So unless you decide to stop crossing your leg completely, and you want to sit up straight, you are going to be on again, off again.”

Advice from the gods.

“Is my back pain related to the 10 pounds I’ve gained the past year, which seem to be centralized around my stomach area?” I had to ask specifically.

More translation: “Energetically speaking, you are having problems around your second chakra. So when you have energy discord or dysfunction in the body, the body often says, ‘Oh we have to replicate whatever is going on in the energy.’ So in your case the energy has to go around that problem and will slow down to work its way around, which means your body is going to build fat cells there first.”


It’s been a week since my reading. I am now aware in the moment when I am causing pain in my back, and I can actually choose to stop causing that pain. I catch myself slouching and straighten my spine; I feel the muscles pulling across my back up to my neck so I choose to uncross my legs. I’ve even added a weekly yoga class to my calendar. How can I ignore advice from the other side? This will take time to heal, but Sharon has started me on the right path before…