Best Wireless Provider

Verizon Wireless

60.6% of 3,913 votes

Verizon has taken over Columbus, with clear, fast calling, texting, and internet use. But, hey we’re not complaining. Go ahead and continue our fast 4G service, Verizon. We’ll just sit back and enjoy. – Multiple Locations.

2  AT&T Mobility 22.3%

3  Sprint 10.9%

2014 Results

Verizon Wireless

59.37% of 2,582 votes
Can you hear me now? Apparently, Columbus can hear loud and clear. Could have something to do with the coverage area, or the recent innovations in smartphones…whatever the case, Verizon reigns supreme.
Multiple locations,

2.  AT&T Mobility 21.57%

3.  Sprint 9.6%