The Perfect Water Bottle

One key to helping you perform your best is simpler than you might think: water. Its importance cannot be stressed enough, and when you consume enough to remain properly hydrated throughout the day, you’re bound to see a difference no matter your activity.

Depending on your preferred sport, different bottles are going to be better suited for your needs.


When you’re out on a ride, you’re going to want something that’s lightweight and won’t splatter or spill. The CamelBak Podium’s Jet Valve system, designed specifically for cycling, is self-sealing and has a high flow-rate so that you can easily replace lost liquids while riding. $9


Aim for a model with a handle that allows you to comfortably grip your bottle. With an option like the Nathan QuickDraw Plus, it won’t mess up your hand or arm motion and even has a built-in pocket for storing a couple gels, keys and other small objects you wish to bring with you on the run. $19.99


During a session, you want to be focusing on your body, not fussing around with your water bottle. By opting for something with a no-slip grip, like Lifefactory’s glass bottle, you can easily get a sip in when it’s needed. The nine- to 22-ounce bottles also give you the option of a straw, or a flip or classic cap. $22.99

But one takes the cake …

When it comes to making sure we have water on-hand throughout the day, we need something that we can take from home to work to fitness in the simplest way possible. You probably don’t want to be toting around multiple different types of bottles so look for one that’s able to work as hard as you are.

Aqua Vessel Insulated Filtration Bottle by Eco Vessel 

Because this stainless-steel bottle holds 25 ounces, it cuts down on the amount of refills you need in a day. It offers both TriMax triple insulation and filtration in one sleek bottle, cooling your liquids for up to 36 hours. The filter will cycle 100 gallons of water through a spout that you don’t need to tip to drink. $39.95