Garden to Tablet

It’s official: you have no more excuses to put off that garden (unless you simply don’t want to, of course; Columbus isn’t a gulag).

But for any Central Ohioans avoiding their humus because they didn’t have the knowledge, or they’re too forgetful, or they couldn’t find something they really wanted to grow, guess what? There’s an app for that.

That app is Sprout It, produced locally through a partnership between recent start-up Vaxa Design Group and Scotts Miracle-Gro, headquartered in Marysville – and, it’s free. It allows users to customize their gardens by location, weather, available space, and lifestyle. The app offers step-by-step growing instructions, pest prevention tips, and a customized gardening plan with timely reminders and notifications for completing crucial tasks to keep plants flourishing.

Sprout It is specifically geared toward vegetable and herb gardens, so it provides extra incentive to anyone who enjoys home cooking, basement mixology, or inviting friends over to do it for them using a newly reaped harvest. It also gives inspiration to planters in the form of themed gardens and recipes based on what they’d like to cultivate.

And though it’s great for those looking to plant a garden for the first time, Sprout It also has plenty of utility for seasoned growers. The library of herbs and vegetables is extensive and includes difficulty ratings to accommodate all experience and ambition levels, from kale and Swiss chard (easy) to Bok Choy (medium) up to Brussels sprouts (hard). The instructions for each item feature detailed growing options, ideal planting and harvesting times, and recommended amounts to plant.

Whether you’ve got a tiny indoor grow or a massive backyard plot, if you’re looking to eat fresh veggies or add a homegrown kick to a cocktail, Sprout It has the guidance to take you from green to green thumb.

To download Sprout It, visit (It’s Free!)