Five on Five

Five Columbus Landmarks The Same Age As Us

Mikey’s Late Night Slice
Third & Hollywood
Level Dining Lounge
Huntington Park

The List of Top Five Lists – Columbus is…

Among the top seven most intelligent cities in the world, according to the Intelligent Community Forum
#2 Best Golf City in America by Golf Magazine
#3 Happiest City based on Instagram photo analysis
#3 Most Fashion-Forward City in the Country
#4 Most List-Obsessed City in the Country (everyone should try a little harder to care about this pointless crap for next year so we can grab the number one slot)

Five Covers – Behind-the-Scenes Trivia

On the cover of Issue 12 in March 2010, someone points a gun at a hulking shadow lurking in a doorway. That shadow – our own Editor-in-Chief Travis Hoewischer. That someone: slightly confused, but cooperative intern.

The Columbus skyline has appeared on nine covers in some fashion; the shape of the state of Ohio on five – not including the cover of the April 2012 issue, which has a blotch on an illustrated cow that looks suspiciously like our home state.

There have been three people whose visages have graced our covers twice each: Jack Hanna (May 2011, April 2013); Jeni Britton Bauer (January 2012, May 2013); and OAR saxophonist Jerry DePizzo (July 2010, June 2013).

One of the most closely guarded secrets in (614) history – there is no Issue 49.For reasons too mind-bending to reveal, we went straight from Issue 48 in March 2013 to Issue 50 in April.

NBC 4 anchor Monica Day appeared as a flirtatious woman in a bar on the very first cover in April 2009.

Five Things We Still Don’t Have
Light rail / High-speed train – How long do we have to beat this well-beaten drum? We’re not asking anyone to invent it – the thing already exists, in lots of places in fact. Let’s get it done.

An NCAA basketball title – The Buckeyes have been too good for way too long to not have another shiny trophy and some necklaces made from fresh-cut nets.

Franklinton / Olde Towne East / Weinland Park Revitalization – These neighborhoods have been up-and-comers for quite some time, but the tipping point always seems just a little further away. The good news is that all three have shown significant progress in the last two years.

The end of winter – Al Gore probably could have been a little clearer that global warming would actually make the Central Ohio winter into a four-month frozen hellscape.

A true music festival – Yes, it’s a traffic nightmare for at least two days. Yes, it invites a borderline ecological nightmare. Yes, some residents may have to hear muffled bass thumping past their Puritanical 10 p.m. bedtimes. Yes, yes, yes, yes, lots of reasons not to. But it would be awesome. Ask Chicago, Indio, Manchester, and San Francisco. It’s worth it and then some.

Five Things We Didn’t See Coming

Urban Meyer – The fall of Jim Tressel was a surprise, but hiring a Gator? Unfathomable.

Rise of the Cronut – NYC’s nationwide hybrid donut-croissant craze? Did it first. We’ve had the “doughssant” at Auddino’s Bakery since 1991. These damn Midwestern values just prevented us bragging about it.

Columbus: Home of U.S. Men’s Soccer – MLS history always has a home in Columbus as the site of the nation’s first soccer-specific stadium, but the U.S. national team has now beaten Mexico at Crew Stadium in four straight World Cup qualifying matches (all 2-0, or “dos a cero!”). C-bus is now the unquestioned home of red, white, and blue fútbol.

CD102.5 – The Resurrection – CD101 was a well-established brand and adored presence in local independent radio by 2009, but with the loss of their call signal, their studio, and their larger-than-life program director Andyman Davis, the station was in troubled waters. Helmed by long-time manager/now-owner Randy Malloy, Columbus is a better music city for the station’s ability to persevere as CD102.5 in their new Brewery district digs.

New Celebrities – Five years ago, hell, 20 years ago, just about the only Columbusonian anyone knew outside of 270 was Jack Hanna and whoever was in charge of the city or the Buckeye football team. Now, we have an award-winning drag queen (Nina West) who is frequently name-checked in our annual readers’ poll, as well as an ice cream maven (Jeni Britton Bauer) and an indie music star (Lydia Loveless) who were both just hailed as highlights of Austin’s SXSW festival by Rolling Stone. Cowtown, my ass.