Obama rally at Schottenstein Center, October 2012. Photo by Chris Casella

5 Years: Behind the Flash

It takes a special eye to fill up the glossy pages of (614) Magazine. In honor of our five-year anniversary, Photo Editor Chris Casella and Associate Photographer Megan Leigh Barnard sift through their favorite shoots and shots:


1. The Interview Issues

Whether you’re shooting a cover shot or an inside profile, working with so many different people lends itself to greater creativity, especially since all these people are so noteworthy in their chosen fields.

2. “Lessons from (N)Iceland”
January 2010

Being able to photograph a visiting president from a foreign country was an incredible opportunity, especially so soon into my tenure.

3. “All About Annie”
October 2012

Photographing a legendary photographer like Annie Liebovitz while hearing her share some wisdom about her work and methods was a great experience from a photographic standpoint.

4. “Big Picture”
December 2012

Photographing President Obama on more than one occasion and having access to national/historical events has been thrilling, especially on the eve of his second election in the state that played such a crucial role.

5. “The Next Chapter”
March 2012

We were able to photograph Chris Spielman and captured an unguarded glimpse into his soul, as cliché as that sounds. What many readers may not realize is how little time we sometimes have to shoot celebrities and notable personalities. This one – three minutes.


6. “The Iceman Cometh”
December 2011

This man is as jolly in real life as he seems in the photo. Watching him craft some custom, 614-themed art from ice was magical… and freezing.

7. “The Greatest Show on Goodale”
February 2013

I felt like Alice walking into a well-groomed Wonderland. The “Circus House” is fantastic, like it was brought to life straight from a fairy tale.

8. “Ballin’”
January 2013

You can’t go wrong with Katalina’s pancake balls dripping with caramel — photographing them, eating them, whatever. Pure goodness.

9. “The Meatmen of Greenlawn Avenue”
April 2012

This wasn’t my favorite photo necessarily, but the oddly alluring fragrance of smoked meat stayed with me for two days, which made for some good conversations. If only we could have included scratch-and-sniff photos…

10. “Be Their Guest”
December 2013

This windowed wall not only allowed me to create a fun composition, it really relates the transparent customer experience of watching The Table’s culinary artists at work.