Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard

Peanut Butter Bliss

If you were lucky, a few slices of Honeykiss Bakery pie slid onto your plate last year – and if they did, they weren’t likely to stay there for long.

This one-woman company was launched by pie pixie Rachel Eaton on Valentine’s Day 2013, offering a baker’s dozen of pie varieties. While pie is ubiquitous in the Midwest, Eaton takes traditional recipes and whisks in a bit of a twist. For example, what could be more wholesome than Red, White and Bacon Pie, a stellar apple pie with shredded white cheddar added to the crust and topped with a layer of bacon?

Still, the pie of my eye is the Honeykiss Peanut Butter. What makes it my perpetual pick? Crushed Nutter Butter cookies commingle in the dense and flaky crust. Both the crust and the filling – a mix of thick peanut butter and cream cheese – are packed with peanut flavor. Take your best memory of the inside of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and sweeten that memory by the power of 10, but make the filling fluffier, smoother, and decadently delicious. This pie is the perfect gateway treat to prepare you for Rachel’s other creations. Pro tip: always buy one slice of peanut butter pie and one seasonal until you have tried them all….then repeat.

Where to find Honeykiss

The Ohio Tap Room (1291 W Third Ave.,
This pint-size growler shop stocks up for Pie Day Friday, and pies sell out quickly.

Weilands Market (3600 Indianola Ave.,
This gourmet market in Clintonville keeps a steady stock on-hand throughout the week.

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