Photo by Ben Yoder

Raw Talk: Denim

Dudes, you ain’t a damn thing if you don’t have at least one pair of great jeans.

While women have the luxury of switching up the bottom half of their ensemble, men are quite limited. Although denim has been a staple fabric for centuries now, in the past few years its popularity has surged. High-end designer jeans such as Seven For All Mankind and Citizens of Humanity have contributed greatly to the rise in demand; however, fads such as colored, flared, and distressed denim have taken over the past few seasons. While it might be scary to step out of you denim comfort zone, your trendy ensemble will be well worth the efforts.

1. G-Star tee, $80, G-Star button up, $165, G-Star jacket, $140, Falling Whistles necklace, $44 available at Brigade; DL1961 jeans, $168 available at High Street Denim

Styling Tips: Colored jeans may not be every man’s cup of tea, however if you keep it a neutral color and pair it with a casual jacket or hoodie, this look can be worn by any man.

2. G-Star button down, $150, G-Star blazer, $290, G-Star jeans, $170, The Hillside pocket square, $38, at Brigade

Styling Tips: Pair some skinnies with a button down, a sleek blazer, and a fancy pocket square.

Skinny jeans also give you a chance to show off your shoes, so don’t be afraid to rock some rad kicks.

3. G-Star button down, $145, G-Star v-neck henley, $65, G-Star shawl cardigan, $170, at Brigade; AG jeans, $215, at High Street Denim

Styling Tips: Relaxed fit is most men’s comfort zone. It can essentially be worn with just about anything, but pairing it with a cardigan and a pair of dress shoes makes this look trendy yet comfortable.

Denim terms to pay attention to:

Raw Denim that has not been rinsed or prewashed and thus is more rigid, stiff and durable than pre-aged or chemically softened jeans.

Sanforized A process that prevents shrinking by stretching and manipulating the raw denim fabric before it’s washed

Selvage Originally called ‘self-edge’, the selvage is a slim woven band on either edge of the denim fabric. This prevents the edge of the denim from unraveling.

Whiskers Natural wear patterns that occur on the thigh and crotch region.

Stacks Natural wear patterns on the ankles.

Honeycombs Natural wear patterns on the back of the knees.

Copy & styling: Anna Wonn

Model: Justin Trevis Roisom

Photography: Ben Yoder



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