What’s in your bag?

You probably know her as the First Lady of Ohio State football, but she also identifies herself as an “endorphin junkie.” Fitness plays a vital role in the life of Shelley Meyer—she became involved in sports at a very young age and began teaching group fitness when she was in college.

Competition was a catalyst for Shelley’s connection with exercise, but it’s grown into much more.

“Now it’s really about mental health, catharsis, blowing off stress and steam. It’s totally about mental health,” she said. “You have to get that endorphin release.”

Shelley first grew fond of indoor cycling while living in South Bend, Ind., and now shares her passion by teaching spin classes at Premier at Sawmill Athletic Club in Dublin. She never goes into the gym without a well-prepared bag; she gives us a peek inside, in her own words…


A. Nano iPod Some of the music I play in class comes straight from the Buckeye locker room, which are not things that people my age are listening to, but they really get you pumped up.

O14A9882B. Tube of Aquaphor It’s so great for your lips and hands.

C. Diva weight-lifting gloves I get made fun of sometimes for wearing them, but I love ‘em.

D. Polo heart-rate monitor I’m practically addicted to watching my heart rate during a spin class.

E. “Endorphin Junkie” T-shirt That’s my thing, endorphins, that’s all I ever talk about!

F. Spin shoes The most important things in my bag.

G. Case Holds my iPod and polo heart-rate monitor.

H. Towel A cute towel a friend gave me, for my sweaty spin classes!