Warm Up


I’m 24, and I likely have an ulcer. My neck is shaped like an inverted C—the opposite of what it should be—and my spine is bent in all the wrong ways. Literally. I’m pretty sure my body-fat index is not where it should be for my height and weight, and I simply can’t resist a scoop of ice cream.

I learned most of these things in the last year, and my attempt to correct them by taking better care of myself has been something like a yo-yo. My drive to maintain an exercise routine and a healthy diet is skyrocketing at one moment, and plummeting the next. While I’d rather not admit it, I have to come to terms with these phases in order to correct them.

Sound familiar?

During the last three months while producing this issue, I’ve encountered a handful of individuals who share this rollercoaster experience.

Well guess what? I’m determined to conquer this problem.

All it took was one week. One week of running, cutting the junk and adding the healthy to feel genuinely good, and for the mere thought of Pepsi to disgust me.

I’m actually running and not feeling miserable at the thought (if you don’t recall, I’m not the biggest fan of running). And it’s a lot more than just running after my nieces and nephews. Although that tends to burn a fair amount of calories, too (see page 24).

I feel great, physically and mentally, and the desire to maintain this clean feeling became a stronger desire than that for any box of junk or bottle of beer.

I cannot yet confidently say that reaching for oatmeal instead of pancakes in the morning has already become a natural habit. Or that I enjoy choosing to snack on grapes rather than chips. But I’m getting there.

And then there was boxing. At our January Fit Happy Hour event at Title Boxing, Rob’s class kicked my ass. And I’m not gonna lie, it kicked my friends’ asses, too (sorry, guys). But the endorphin high I felt afterward exceeded that of any run or boot camp. My limbs were not limp or achy—no, the pain came later. I felt no desire to slump to the floor or run to the bathroom (unlike Bill Brown’s killer Fit Camp. Ouch.).

Instead, my mind felt clear and sharp, my body tingled and I had more pep in my step than when I walked in the door.

That feeling is what you crave! It’s what keeps you coming back for more and enables you to maintain momentum.

I remind myself of that feeling every day when my body begs for more sleep in place of working out.

I’m sharing this with you to hold myself accountable. And I want to hold you accountable, too. I want to hear your stories—your successes, your struggles, vices, ups and downs. So that when we meet again in May, we can all be further along in our journeys and closer to our goals.

I’m up for the challenge. Are you?

Let’s go.