Tech Trends

This year’s CES conference debuted some new and exciting fitness gear that will launch in the upcoming months. Whether your goal is to start being more active or to challenge yourself physically more this year, these products can help you along the way.

LG HRM Earphone Heart-Rate Monitor These real-time heart-monitoring headphones have the capability to measure your metabolic rate through your headphones, and no chest belt is necessary. Simply clip the lightweight data chip onto your arm or waistband, and the headphones begin to track a wide variety of fitness data, including distance travelled, calories burned and more, all of which can be sent directly to a synced smartphone app.

$179.99, set to debut in the first half of 2014

LG Lifeband Touch Activity Tracker Using a three-axis accelerometer, this OLED screen gives you real-time fitness stats right where you can see it, including GPS info and LG’s altimeter for ascent/decent data. It syncs directly with the HRM Earphones and the LG Fitness App to make it easier to view your data at a glance. Beyond fitness measurements, you can see incoming calls and music.

$179, set to debut in the first half of 2014

Garmin Vívofit This fitness band allows you to track daily progress including calories, steps, distance travelled and heart rate with paired monitors. A red light will alert you after you’ve been inactive for over an hour, encouraging you throughout the day to take short breaks to walk or be active. It will challenge you each day as it learns your activity levels and gradually pushes your goals higher for the following days, spurring you to be even more active. At night, you can turn the mode to rest and Vívofit will monitor your sleep patterns. Syncing with Garmin Connect, it allows you to review fitness reports wirelessly and be a part of a techie fitness community.

$129.99, set to launch during the first quarter of 2014

miCoach SMART RUN Adidas amped up the GPS watch to help runners perform at a higher level. The wireless music streaming and strap-free heart-rate monitor will eliminate some of the extra gear you need with you for your run. A built-in coach will provide visual and auditory cues to guide you through more than 1,000 training plans, letting you know when to speed up or slow down to achieve your goal.

$400, available now

Skulpt Aim By detecting changes in muscle fibers, this device allows you to see changes in your MQ, muscle quality, as your fitness improves. Skulpt Aim measures the percentage of fat versus muscle in a particular area to give you a better idea of changes to your body, even if you don’t necessarily notice them yet. MQ readings are done through an electrical current on the smart-phone-sized device you place on the muscle you want to measure.

$149 pre-order price until May 2014, $199.99 after