Snow Problem

There’s no rush like that of cold air when flying down a hill, barely missing a 12-year-old, then dodging an ill-placed tree, only to get to the bottom and climb up to do it again. Of course, Ohio is not necessarily known for its mountainous land, so where is one to go skiing or snowboarding around here?

Here’s a round-up of ski slopes that are within a couple-hour drive. Each of them offers skiing, snowboarding, tubing and rental equipment for those who enjoy the cold thrill of packed snow, as well as classes for the newbies who want to find out why anyone would subject themselves to frostbite just to fly down a hill on sticks.

Alpine Valley
Location: Chesterland, OH (2 hrs 45 min)
Adult Price Day Pass: $43
Vertical Drop: 260ft
Amenities: Alpine Valley is the first, and the newest, of three ski resorts owned by Peak Resorts. All three do not offer on-site lodging but partner with local hotels for those who are making it a weekend adventure. Alpine Valley also offers a club for regulars. Club members (without a Season Passholder package) receive a Club Card containing four $10 passes that can be used toward day passes and late-night sessions. The special deals for groups and birthday parties ensure that beginners and experts alike can bring friends and family for some wintertime fun.

Boston Mills Brandywine
Location: Peninsula, OH (2 hours)
Adult Price Day Pass: $43
Vertical Drop: 264ft
Amenities: Boston Mills Brandywine is actually a partnership between two resorts. They were created separately, just a few miles apart, but combined forces to offer more slopes and trails and are now owned by Peak Resorts. Each peak has its own lodge with food and restrooms, with plenty of ski lifts and a shuttle between the two parks. They host events like Late Night and Ladies Late Night for their adult customers, as well as a club program similar to Alpine Valley.

Some of their most popular lessons include Women’s Skiing Lessons (for women, by women) and the Freestyle Boot Camp, where intermediate/advanced skiers can learn airs, grabs, spins and more!

Mad River Mountain
Location: Zanesfield, OH (2 hours)
Adult Price: Day Pass $35/weekday & $45/weekends
Vertical Drop: 300ft
Amenities: Mad River Mountain is the third of the Peak Resorts franchise and also the largest ski resort in Ohio, with 144 skiable acres. They have two lodges as well as a bar, offering food, free WiFi and live music to entertain customers after a long day of skiing. Events include college Fridays with a DJ and a big-air competition with cash prizes.

It has been voted by as the Number One Park destination for four years straight. In large part thanks to the Capital Park terrain with jumps, jibs and rails for those who spend more time upright than on their bum.

Snow Trails
Location: Mansfield, OH (1 hour 15 min)
Adult Price: $36/weekdays & $48/weekends
Vertical Drop: 300 ft
Amenities: Last, but definitely not least, is Snow Trails—which is the first commercial ski resort in Ohio. Actually, it’s first in a lot of areas concerning ski resorts; having chair lifts, introducing airless snowmaking, offering ski school and using geothermal technology/energy-saving controllers in the snow-making process.

The proprietors are so confident in their established brand that it was the first ski resort in the nation to guarantee skiing conditions. That type of confidence stems from a long history of happy customers. Along with the hill, they keep their snow fiends happy with a bar, food and entertainment in their lodge.