How Health Should Be

Nobody is impugning the miraculous works of modern medicine. In fact, what would we do without antibiotics that help fight serious infections? But, as it turns out, not every stomachache needs Pepto-Bismol, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money on acne treatments like Proactiv and Clearasil. Scrubbing your face with some ingredients in your kitchen could do the trick.

Home remedies tend to be inexpensive, and they don’t contain harsh chemicals like some over-the-counter medications. Instead of experimenting with expensive, name-brand solutions that can contain harmful substances, go digging in your cupboards at home. Using natural, fresh ingredients and herbs from home guarantees you will save some extra cash while maintaining your internal health. Before you buy into the latest sales pitch in a magazine or on television, dive into your refrigerator for some eggs, grab some cinnamon and coconut oil from your cabinet and create your very own healthcare products at your convenience.

1. Oil Pulling … come again?
Use one tablespoon of coconut oil (tropical oils such as coconut are some of the healthiest oils available). Swish oil around in your mouth for 10-15 seconds. Doing this on an empty stomach will ensure better results.

Oil pulling helps to prevent plaque buildup in teeth, strengthens gums and can even clear up acne by “pulling” toxins from the body. If you make this part of your regimen every day, you will see benefits such as a clearer skin complexion and more sustained energy as you rid your body of toxins.

*Coconut oil can be purchased in liquid form for about $10 for a 16-ounce bottle.

2. Tongue Cleaning … feel the shine
Purchase a tongue cleaner for around $2. Scrape your tongue two to three times per day.

Helps eliminate cravings and keeps your taste buds fresh, allowing you to enjoy more subtle flavors!

3. I got eggs on my head, but don’t call me an egghead.
Take the slimy, yellow yolk of an egg and massage into the scalp. Or combine three egg yolks, one tablespoon coconut oil and three drops of vitamin E together as a mixture and massage into scalp. Leave in hair for 10 minutes; rinse with shampoo.

This will leave you with shiny, strong and soft locks.

4. Honey & Cinnamon … a natural product for your natural beauty
Mix some honey (about one tablespoon) and cinnamon (about 1.5 tablespoons) together and voila, you have a homemade facial cleanser. Make sure you use unrefined honey with zero preservatives.

Honey is an unprocessed antibacterial agent that kills bacteria and eliminates acne. Cinnamon acts as an anti-clotting and anti-inflammatory agent to help clear blemishes.

5. Get your water bottle on
Fill a water bottle (BPA-free) with hot water. Place on lower abdomen, lower back or underneath feet.

This simple yet very effective technique will help with any abdominal discomfort or lower-back pain, or it can just keep you warm by placing it under your feet. It also serves as a relaxation technique.