Did You Make the Most Awesome Resolution for 2014?

To be a runner? By taking on the lofty goal of running your first 5k (or another marathon), you have chosen to be a crazy and awesome person this year! In order to meet your goal efficiently, keep you healthy and prevent boredom on the journey, I’ve done the dirty work for you by testing and reviewing the best of running apps on the market. Here is a list I have narrowed down to the best three apps to download.

Tracking App
If you run outside and need to know how far and fast you ran, the elevation of your course, as well as how many calories you burned, Map My Run is for you. In Columbus alone, it has a list of 20,798 routes other runners mapped that you can load and follow if you’re getting bored with the same old loop around your neighborhood. If you’re traveling, you can follow one of the 70 million routes that are saved in the database, allowing you to explore new cities easily and safely. Map My Run also has pre-programmed workouts, including P90X, and can track other sports when you need a cross-training day. For the data geeks out there, you can use graphs in the app to track your run by the minute and compare the pace, elevation and route to other runs.

Coaching App
Runner’s World SmartCoach makes it simple to determine a training plan. You can get training plans based on a recent race time, how long and hard you want to train, the date of your goal race, your weekly mileage goals and even what day you want to complete your longest run. With this many customizable options, it’s the best training plan you can get without hiring a real coach. After entering all of your variables, you will see that you have a specific workout scheduled for each day.

Do Good App
What would resolutions be without a little giving back? Use Charity Miles to log and “donate” your miles – walkers and runners earn 25 cents per mile – to your favorite charity. It’s seriously the easiest way you can donate to a charity without actually spending money. Spend your miles and everyone wins.

Dr. Kari Brown Budde is a sports physical therapist, running specialist and marathoner. She treats running injuries locally at www.RefinedRun.com