145° and Rising

Grandview has long had a vibrant live music scene. From the dark cloisters of Tree Bar to the more upbeat rhythms of The Thirsty Ear-cum-Woodlands, finding a band to watch on a Friday night is typically not a challenge.

What has been a bit lacking, perhaps, is a fusion of quality food and live entertainment. Nothing against Mikey’s Late Night, which still slings slices behind the scenes at Woodlands, but sometimes a young lad or lady needs more than a pizza dog, you know?

And so it is that Toledo-based Bar 145° has taken up housing at 955 West Fifth, a short, zig-zaggy waddle from the hulking Meridian condominium complex, and a stone’s throw from other new installments such as Miller’s Columbus Ale House and Zauber Brewing Co. Brewery and Taproom.

The vision: gastropub-style offerings, a healthy selection of bourbons, and live, national acts every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night.

The gastropub is not a new concept, but it’s certainly a welcome one. Grandview is populated by innumerable fast food vendors and in-and-out eatatoriums, but most of the “real” restaurants are all clumped together in a strip between Fifth and First avenues. Bar 145° is much closer to Harrison West, Victorian Village, and the like.

So making the trek, as much of one that it is, is not so bad, even for residents of downtown and its truly neighboring neighborhoods.

For the drinker in you, there are 12 beers on tap, oodles more in bottles, and a bourbon list that runs 31 strong, not to mention an octet of signature cocktails native to the regular menu.

Musical acts on the docket include everything from ’80s hair cover band Neon Black to 88 Keys (Dueling Pianos) to Chicago-based ‘90s hip-hop mash-up gurus The Hot Sauce Committee.

And finally, the food. Corporate chef Robby Lucas is of the nose-to-toes school of using the whole animal, focusing on fresh, seasonal, never-frozen ingredients to present a lineup of dishes both expected and exceptional.

There’s the near-obligatory gastropub focus on burgers – the name itself is a reference to the proper temp for a mid-rare piece of beef – and plenty of fried odds and ends. Then there are the wings (duck confit wings, in fact), the meatballs (infused with foie gras), and the … roasted bone marrow? Yes, indeed. Roasted with, as the menu purports, “Stella Bleu Cheese & Parmesan, served with Bourbon Cherries & Grilled Focaccia”. Each, amazingly, priced at just eight dollars.

The burgers are the signature item and will run you $11, but nothing on the menu is more than $15 (braised short ribs with maple demi glace and friend Brussels sprouts) and the portions are plenty generous.

The concept is clear. In your face, even. There are some cute touches as well. The “Red Chucks, White China” tagline is just what it sounds like: the staff all wears red Chuck Taylors, and the food comes on honest-to-goodness, big, white serving ware.

Bar 145°, ostensibly, has it all. Just as the sign says: Burgers, Bands, Bourbon. It certainly delivers on those, and looks like it may become the place to be for folks throughout Grandview.

Bar 145°
955 W Fifth Ave.