Power Suit: Daniel Fox

In the history book of fashion fads, the early to mid-“oughties” may very well go down as transforming the men’s t-shirt into a loud fashion statement from its previous role as an undergarment unmentionable. A motley crew of brands – Von Dutch, Diesel, and Ed Hardy – were the forerunners of selling over-designed graphics, tacky typographic tees, and producing them in mass amounts to consumers.

Although the garish graphics fad has since faded, the T-Shirt remains a currency for expression.

Daniel Fox has taken the fleeting fashion of tees and flipped it into financial success. His company, Skreened offers not only thousands of original, locally-printed, American-made tees, sweatshirts, and bags, but an entrepreneurial opportunity by providing anyone a venue to upload one’s own designs to his site. Having paid over $2 million to designers this year – sharing mutual profits with no commitment of preproduction inventory – one could say Skreened is the business with benefits.

In his own words, Fox tells us why he rarely wears t-shirts while sharing his very particular and opinionated points of style.

Describe your style? I dress very quickly. I recently noticed that my entire closet is split between greys, blacks, whites, and blues. Adding a pop of something or an accessory iS easy when you’re overall palate is somewhat predictable. I spend just as much time making sure I smell nice as I do making sure I look alright.

What’s your favorite outfit?
A nice, fitted three-piece blazer with a tie clip and pocket square.

Tell me about your glasses.
That’s personal.

Are you forever coming up with graphic design ideas and funny slogans?
Lately I think of a lot of systems within the company to generate others to think of t-shirt designs.

What is your idea of the perfect T-Shirt?
Everything in the Skreened shop called Dumb Stuff.

What labels do you like to wear?
Brooks Brothers, Sperry shoes, and Hudson Jeans. I like to shop at Brigade, too.

Tell me about your hair.
It’s in transition to a new cut from Tony at Max Salon in the Short North. David Lynch has amazing, iconic hair, so he’s been my inspiration for the last few months.

Do you have a spirit animal?
My spirit animal is pizza.