Hip Hair

One of the great things about living in Columbus is that its citizenry skews towards a worldview that flies in the face of the ‘Cowtown,’ an axiom that many – I’m looking at you, East and West Coasts – have assigned to our fair Midwestern city.

And so it goes for three of Columbus’ trending-est salons, all of which, despite obvious nods towards the business and fashion trends of the nation’s nerve centers, manage to mold those influences into something uniquely Columbus – and, in the process, perhaps even cooler than our spastic coastal brethren.

Broken Records and Beehives
(1517 Hess St., Suite 100)

Broken Records and Beehives is the inspiration of Jeremy and Allison Scott, who after years of working middle management jobs (Scott) and after visiting friends in California (Alison) decided to open up this part record store, part hair salon.

“Scott and I had been tossing the idea around for a while and when I went out to L.A. and spoke to some people about it they were all like, ‘That’s a really good idea,’” Allison said. “So we went for it.”

Broken Records and Beehives has a hip ’50s and ’60s rock-n-roll, pin-up girl vibe, decorated with brightly colored walls and enough iconic rock-n-roll artwork to make even the most casual music fan take notice.

And the small but well-curated record selection ranges from Gish-era Smashing Pumpkins and Elliott Smith to Ohio icons Guided by Voices – and man do they have Guided by Voices.

“I basically just started with music that I love and expanded from there. Right now it’s about 50/50 new and used music. But I am always adding more,” Scott said.

On the salon side, you’ll find Allison and newly hired Todd Cleveland, who offer a complete menu of traditional styling options. There are also plans to add an authentic barber’s station with a licensed barber, another stylist, and a nail tech – not to mention whatever records they plan to bring with them.

For more, visit www.facebook.com/BrokenRecordsandBeehives.

The Blow Out Bar
(1378 Grandview Ave.)

Sisters Kristin and Kailen Kouvas had spent years coming up with a concept, and after noticing the hot new trend of “blow out bars” in the fashion hubs of New York and L.A., they decided to open up their own in Columbus.

But what is a blow out bar?

“We don’t cut hair. You come in get a wash, a consultation, you choose the style you want, and our board certified stylist styles it the way you want,” Kristin said.

The entire process only takes one hour and BOB’s goal is simple: Do one thing and do it very well.

“Our typical client is pretty diverse,” Kailen said. “We see younger people that want styled for a school event and busy professionals who want to look good for dinner.”

“We’ve also done blow outs for fashion shoots and groups for bachelorette parties,” Kristin added.

All blow outs are $35 and their styles range from the big volume curly look to the sleek straight look and with names like the “Hurricane” and “The Neat, please,” making it obvious that they like to have fun while doing what they love.

For more information or to schedule a blow out, visit www.theblowoutbar.com or call (614) 732-0965.

(433 W Third Ave.)

When owner Jose Espitia first moved to Columbus from Chicago it was to help open a Mario Tricosi salon. He then went on to teach at the Aveda Institute while building up his own clientele.

But he always had the idea of opening up his own salon.

“The more I worked the more I realized that I wanted to do it my way,” he said. “Not that the others did it poorly; I just wanted to open a place that followed the business model of Tricosi’s.”

That model was to find and hire the best stylists you could, take care of those stylists and educate those stylists so that they can stay on top of the newest trends coming out the country’s fashion centers.

It’s a top-down approach that Jose feels ultimately benefits the customer the most.

“I just feel that if you go in to a salon where the stylists are well-educated and treated like professionals then the customer is going to be better for it. Ultimately, that’s what matters,” he said.

bang STUDIOS is not only a dream come true for Jose it also represents a way to turn the tragic loss of his mother earlier in the year into a source of joy – as he opened the salon on his mother’s birthday, Oct. 19th.

bang STUDIOS offers a full complement of stylists and services that range from traditional cuts and styles to blowouts and keratin treatments.

For more, visit www.bangstudiosw3rd.com or call (614) 824-2624.