Unique Comfort Food

by Tommy Feisel

Top Jeff

Even from across a room, Jeff Ruby is larger than life. With an unmistakable swagger and swirl of smoke, he conducted an orchestra of carpenters and electricians like woodwinds and brass, using his cigar as…

At Your Service

“My goodness. There’s parking.” I thought this to myself as I pulled into the lot next to the new Middle West spot, Service Bar. Not just a ton of available parking in the area, you…

Simple Done Right

For the residents of German Village, the decades-old Easy Street Cafe filled a niche—somewhere between the (relatively) upscale environment of Barcelona and the visitor’s guide dive vibe of The Thurman Cafe, there was Easy Street….

By Brian Kaiser

Grab & Go

Brunch has finally come of age. Formerly a middle meal for the well-heeled, breakfast’s boozy big brother has given late-risers of every economic strata an acceptable excuse to sleep a little longer while still maintaining…

Photo by Collins Laatsch

Platform Steps Up

We believe in good beer, and the idea that beer can go way beyond its liquid form. And that, in a nutshell is the pitch for Platform Brewing, whose community-minded approach to craft brewing now has a taste…

Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard

Dough Show

What is there to write about pizza that hasn’t been said before? Pizza—even sub-par, frozen grocery store pizza—is still pizza, and carries with it the inherent “goodness” that the foodstuff has had from its inception….