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Rodizio Grill

[tw-button size=”large” background=”” color=”red” target=”_self”]$30 Prix Fixe[/tw-button] “America’s *1st* Brazilian Steakhouse” – Since 1995 Rodizio Grill has pioneered a new style of dining and made eating a whole new experience.

Texas de Brazil

[tw-button size=”large” background=”” color=”red” target=”_self”]$35 Prix Fixe[/tw-button] Texas de Brazil, an authentic Brazilian-American churrascaria (steak house) that combines the cuisine of Southern Brazil with the generous spirit of Texas in tempting, all you care to…

Tucci’s Dublin

[tw-button size=”large” background=”” color=”red” target=”_self”]$35 Prix Fixe[/tw-button] Tucci’s, located in the heart of Historic Dublin, features fresh hand-cut steaks and seafood, unique appetizers and entrees, and a world class wine list that make this neighborhood…

CBC Restaurant

[tw-button size=”large” background=”” color=”red” target=”_self”]$20 Prix Fixe[/tw-button] A generous menu including American style food with a worldly flair at an economically friendly cost. An upscale casual environment, kids menu available, attached free parking, accepts reservations,…

Change for the Better

Even if you weren’t an active consumer in the real estate market earlier this year I’m sure you’ve heard about the bidding wars on homes or homebuyers being involved in multiple offer situations—people basically offering…

Photos by Megan Leigh Barnard

Alexa and the Arcade

I went to Josh and Steve Snyder-Hill’s house for one reason—the arcade game. I’ve interviewed Steve a few times, and he always mentions it. In July they moved their lives, and the arcade, into their new…

Illustration by Alix Ayoub

Trent on Tilt

Nestled somewhere in the consciousness of a middle-aged Ohio man lives the memory of a young boy playing his first pinball machine. Thirty years later, that boy became the 10th greatest player in the world….

Photo by Chris Casella

Console Conquerer

When I was 13, I broke up with my first girlfriend to play Xbox. This particularly embarrassing admission accurately underlines the oxymoronic mindset of the Nintendo generation: that romance is not the primary goal of…

The Gamechangers

Video game developers are builders at heart. At the Independents’ Day Festival in Franklinton this September, a group of them recreated a digital version of the Columbus skyline in a shipping container using Microsoft’s RoomAlive…

Photos by Chris Casella

Queen of Quarters

“Snail, Snail, Snail!” “They’re going straight berries!” “Can I get some wings over here?” The 10-player Killer Queen behemoth that is the jewel of Arcade Super Awesome has only been plugged in for a few…

Summer Night

By Beth Armstrong My walk began just as dusk slowly arrives in its quite gentle way.  The elegant black iron streetlights starting to flicker on.  A boy in board shorts, wet towel hanging loosely around his…

Behind the Wheel

By Tim McWhorter “I’m sorry,” he says, the harshness suddenly gone from his voice. She doesn’t respond. “Look, when we get home, we’ll sit down and talk about this. Okay?” Nothing. “Okay?!” “Fine,” she says….

Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard

Off the Chain

I wasn’t taught specifically to abhor chain restaurants. It just sort of developed over time—this general compulsion to discredit a restaurant for having multiple locations. After all, good food comes from good chefs, and good chefs…

Photo by Ray Lavoie

Ready to ‘Ware

The ’50s: a time when Tupperware was considered more “space-age technological triumph” than “impulse buy at Wal-Mart.” It was also the dawn of a golden era for door-to-door dealing, where the “Tupperware party” took its…