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Thank You, Columbus!

Thank you, thank you Columbus for making this the best SOLD OUT ColumBEST Extravaganza yet. Stay tuned for 2017’s party date. Hope to see you next year! Wed., May 25, 6-9pm @ Franklin Park Conservatory Imagine…


Best Barbecue

City Barbecue 37.4% of 10,856 votes Boasting as impressive a percent as ever, City Barbecue rocks the ribs. It’s for those of you who aren’t afraid to get your hands a little sticky and your…


Best Burger

Thurman Café 25.8% of 11,340 votes Columbus likes a little challenge when it comes to chowing down. The Thurman Burger has the competitive edge other burgers lack while still delivering in the taste department. You’ll…


Best Fast Food

Raising Cane’s 32.3% of 10,890 votes Specializing in the meal of choice for picky eaters everywhere might be the smartest concept for a restaurant yet. Take something safe, like chicken fingers, and perfect it. Cane’s…


Best Ice Cream

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams 36.7% of 10,688 votes Who else would it be but Jeni’s? Although to be fair, Graeter’s put up a good fight, but the champ defended her title even though she had…


Best Buffet

Schmidt’s Sausage Haus 31.9% of 9,345 votes The lunchtime Autobahn Buffet at the uber-German Schmidt’s Sausage Haus is the winner here, where you can sample all kinds of sausage and schnitzel, and load up on…


Best Burrito

Chipotle Mexican Grill 38.0% of 10,573 votes In Columbus, we don’t really love anything the same way we love Chipotle. Cut us and we bleed the guacamole that we more than willingly paid extra for….


Best Fries

Five Guys Burgers and Fries 23.8% of 10,343 votes There’s something to be said for a restaurant that fills the bottom of your bag with a scoop of extra fries. Five Guys knows what the…


Best Wings

Roosters 31.6% of 10, 548 votes Repeat winners Roosters has set Columbus ablaze again with its remarkably hot wings. Other charges include a diverse array of flavors and the friendliest crew to hang with. Multiple…


Best Diner

Cap City Fine Diner 32.9% of 10,307 votes Cap City Fine Diner is a beautiful paradox: it’s casual yet classy, modern yet mid-century, and traditional yet trendy. It’s everything you love about diners packaged with…


Best Traditional Pizza

Mikey’s Late Night Slice 21.7% of 11,026 votes The best part about Mikey’s is that they’re local but they’re everywhere. Wherever you are when you get that no-nonsense, gotta-have-pizza craving, there’s a Mikey’s not too…


Best Italian

Marcella’s 19.1% of 10,750 votes Marcella’s achieves the Little Italy taste in a setting that feels vintage and less like a theme restaurant. Whether you’re pairing your pasta with a traditional wine or a specialty…


Best Sushi

Akai Hana 19.6% of 1,794 votes Decades ago, you might be hard pressed to find more than a few hundred people you knew in central Ohio that frequently dined on sushi—and now, we actually have…


Best Gyro

Happy Greek 26.9% of 10,219 votes For a flatbread-wrapped tzatziki dream come true, The Happy Greek is the place to be. It doesn’t matter how you pronounce “gyro,” you just need to know who’s got…