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By Rachael Barbrash

Furniture Store

Grandview Mercantile 18.2% of 3,547 votes Decorate the house of your dreams according to your Pinterest board with unique pieces found at Grandview Mercantile. Whether you’re trying to improve your dining room to host elaborate…

By Rachael Barbash

Comedy Venue

Columbus Funny Bone – 55.2% of 4,656 votes One of the most exciting cultural developments of late is Netflix’s commitment to stand-up comedy. And though you can choose to stay in on a Saturday to watch…

By Brian Kaiser

Bowling Alley

Columbus Square Bowling Palace – 19.9% of 4,291 votes Bowling has never gone out of style… other than perhaps the shoes. Ok, we take that back. They are always in style—and they glow in blacklight, too….

by Megan Leigh Barnard

Coffee Shop

Stauf’s Coffee Roasters – 17.3% of 10,587 votes A cup of coffee is the IV that gets many of us through the day. What better choice than Stauf’s, with its delicately roasted Arabica coffee and scrumptious…

Local Record Store

Magnolia Thunderpussy –  37.7% of 1,230 votes While you may imagine Magnolia Thunderpussy being home to brooding punk rock, ripped-jean-wearing, tattoo-sporting audiophiles, it just simply isn’t true. They have the selection, they have the knowledge, and they…

by Collins Laatsch

Dance Club

Skully’s Music Diner – 32.1% of 4,117 votes With its bright, iconic neon sign and unmatched space, Skully’s is the best place in Columbus to break a sweat—especially now that Damn Girl has found its permanent…

by Collins Laatsch

Karaoke Night

Mickey’s – 32.7% of 3,603 votes Oh Mickey’s, you’re so fine, you’re so fine in our readers’ minds, go Mickey’s! Writing that sentence was like karaoke itself: awkward, cheesy, embarrassing, fun, hilarious. Mickey’s may not look…

Local Band

Mojoflo – 17.7% of 5,230 votes With their trumpeting melodies and soft, expertly crafted hooks, Mojoflo’s sound is luscious, smooth, funky, and transcendent of genre. For years they have been our number one pick for when we…

Pick Up Bar

Bar Louie – 18.4% of 3,882 votes You know the term “hookup culture” has reached its cultural nadir when network sitcoms devote story arcs around it. Yet dating, in whatever terminology it comes packaged in, never…

by Megan Leigh Barnard

Craft Beer Store

Weiland’s – 20.8% of 3,419 votes This family-owned store is in its sixth decade of business, having started as a small market in the Clintonville area. The now 18,000-square foot location offers more than just beer,…

by Megan Leigh Barnard

Dining Patio

Barcelona – 19.6% of 5,018 votes There’s something beautiful about the city of Barcelona—its pronunciation, its culture, its scenery. The Columbus restaurant of the same name has taken these associations and applied them in a cozy and…

by Collins Laatsch

Drinking Patio

Pins Mechanical Co. – 14.3% of 5,112 votes 141 N Fourth St. | pinsbar.com 2 Seventh Son 12.2% 3 Union 8.4% 2016: Brazenhead – 14.7% of 5,134 votes 1027 W Fifth Ave. |  hdrestaurants.com 2  Union…

By Megan Leigh Barnard


Union – 57.8% of 3,874 votes Union is beloved for reasons that many bars are: excellent, near daily drink specials, better-than-you-think entrees and appetizers, and wide open space. But above all, Union is where you can…

by Megan Leigh Barnard


The Crest – 20.5% of 9,582 votes In the four years since The Crest opened its doors (on Earth Day, no less), customers have chowed down on food that’s local, environmentally friendly, and, above all, tasty….