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by Megan Leigh Barnard

Overall Restaurant

M at Miranova – 31.0% of 12,786 There are numerous reasons why this Cameron Mitchell establishment is so beloved. Among them: award-winning dishes such as the veal mignon, a location next to the Scioto River, and…

By Meghan Leigh Barnard


Bates and Brown Barber Chair – 22.9% of 3,761 votes Bates and Brown will design you a ’do with all the bells and whistles. An array of spa treatments and multiple highly skilled massage therapists make…


The Ohio State University 30% of 4,747 votes 2  Riverside Methodist Hospital – 28.7% 3  Nationwide Children’s Hospital – 13.8% 2016 – The Ohio State University 30.28% of 2,721 votes 2.  Riverside Methodist Hospital 26.57%  3.  Nationwide…

by Megan Leigh Barnard


Le Meridien Columbus, The Joseph 30.5% of 4,164 votes Taking first place for the second year in a row, Le Meridien opens its stylish doors to visitors right in the heart of The Short North….

By Rachael Barbrash

Furniture Store

Grandview Mercantile 18.2% of 3,547 votes Decorate the house of your dreams according to your Pinterest board with unique pieces found at Grandview Mercantile. Whether you’re trying to improve your dining room to host elaborate…

By Rachael Barbash

Comedy Venue

Columbus Funny Bone – 55.2% of 4,656 votes One of the most exciting cultural developments of late is Netflix’s commitment to stand-up comedy. And though you can choose to stay in on a Saturday to watch…

By Brian Kaiser

Bowling Alley

Columbus Square Bowling Palace – 19.9% of 4,291 votes Bowling has never gone out of style… other than perhaps the shoes. Ok, we take that back. They are always in style—and they glow in blacklight, too….

by Megan Leigh Barnard

Coffee Shop

Stauf’s Coffee Roasters – 17.3% of 10,587 votes A cup of coffee is the IV that gets many of us through the day. What better choice than Stauf’s, with its delicately roasted Arabica coffee and scrumptious…

Local Record Store

Magnolia Thunderpussy –  37.7% of 1,230 votes While you may imagine Magnolia Thunderpussy being home to brooding punk rock, ripped-jean-wearing, tattoo-sporting audiophiles, it just simply isn’t true. They have the selection, they have the knowledge, and they…