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Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard

Opening Volley

New trends pop up every day in the capital city, to the point where we had to catch up and catalog all of them—literally from A-Z—in this month’s cover story. Got me thinking about what’s…

By Tommy Feisel

From the Editor

It probably took me until I was 13 or so to realize that not everyone’s family friends owned bars and restaurants. Back home it was the Inn Between, the K-Village Inn—here, it was Zeno’s. My…

Opening Volley

Most of you don’t know what the B.I.B.O. Index is. That’s because even though it sounds like some outdated meteorological system, it was invented by none other than Jordan Hoewischer. The man who shares my…

Photo by Nick Fancher

Opening Volley

Columbus is a “Yes” city. Leave it to Larry Smith, the pied piper of six-word sentiments to simultaneously sloganize our city so well, while still leaving himself one word short of the magic number. Yes,…

Highball and Low-Brow

Welcome to your one definitive costume guide for Highball Halloween, the Short North party you’ve been waiting for all year. This year, the celebration will take place on Friday October 21st and Saturday the 22nd,…

Photo by Jon McAllister

From the Editor

It’s 2016, ya’ll! Well, it should be. Maybe you snaked one of the early-bird copies of this winter edition in those waning days of December, but hey, you’ve had your office Christmas party, you’ve turned…

Photo by Chris Casella

From the Editor

Last month, I ate small-batch beef jerky. You have questions, I assume. I do, too. Freely consuming such a thing leads one to question plenty about themselves and their purchases. What constitutes a small batch?…

Photo courtesy Damn the Witch Siren

Fall Plea

Today I come to you, hat (and scarf) in hand, begging you to join together for the greater good. Autumn is upon us, and we are not on track to meet its demands. Fall is…

Photo by Shelby Lum

Opening Volley

You don’t typically have moments of ringing self-actualization at a yard sale. Yet, there I was, feeling so satisfied in my savvy wheeling and dealing that I hadn’t noticed I was internally critiquing the marketing…

Editor-in-Chief Travis Hoewischer gets a bird's eye view of his own nightmares. Photo by Jerrod Pingle

Opening Volley

April 17, 1964: Jerri Mock becomes the first woman to complete a solo flight around the world – from Columbus to Columbus. July 13, 1978: Walter Poenisch becomes the first person to swim from Florida…