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Obama rally at Schottenstein Center, October 2012. Photo by Chris Casella
Obama rally at Schottenstein Center, October 2012. Photo by Chris Casella

5 Years: Behind the Flash

It takes a special eye to fill up the glossy pages of (614) Magazine. In honor of our five-year anniversary, Photo Editor Chris Casella and Associate Photographer Megan Leigh Barnard sift through their favorite shoots and…

Illustration by Bryan Grey
Illustration by Bryan Grey

5 Years: A is for Ally

On that Friday we wore pink, I spent the day in the Short North and was overwhelmed by how visibly the LGBT community came together after hate-motivated attacks against three men in a four-day span….


Five on Five

Five Columbus Landmarks The Same Age As Us Pelotonia Mikey’s Late Night Slice Third & Hollywood Level Dining Lounge Huntington Park The List of Top Five Lists – Columbus is… Among the top seven most…

From the Publisher

It was the summer of 2008 – a hot summer despite the ice-cold economy. The Great Recession had the country reeling and advertising budgets were among the first victims. Craigslist has decimated the newspaper classifieds…

Five Years of a Fine, Fine City

Congratulations to (614) for five years of successful publication in the City of Columbus. You have provided a fresh and thoughtful voice to our community conversation. Our city has changed dramatically since 2009, when (614) published its first issue….


Reefer Madness

When we think of refugees, we think of war-torn countries, of crowded and dusty tent villages, of foreign faces. We definitely don’t think of Colorado Springs, a scenic, modern city of about 430,000 nestled at…



Until it’s not, because you failed to take basic steps to winterize your house. These tips range from the banally practical to keep-your-ass-alive heating hacks. It’s important to assess your own specific needs – and…



Candlelight Dinner If you have an electric stove, preparing a decent meal can be a challenge when the power’s out, especially at night – which, in Ohio, can seem to start around noon during the…



…if you have a generator, that is. Most people know what a generator is, at its most basic: a fuel-powered machine that makes electricity. However, many people don’t realize the limitations associated with them. A…



Water is an important resource, and winter is no time to run out. It’s easy to take water for granted, especially in the winter, but between cleaning cookware, keeping yourself clean, and staying hydrated, it…



When it comes to harsh-weather wardrobing, there are two main styles: mountain man or North Face. Oh, I suppose there’s a third, too: corpsicle. Layering is an easy idea and almost equally so easy to…



Footwear is the foundation of your outdoor gear. Any serious outdoors enthusiast will tell you that paying close attention to your boots and socks will pay dividends in both comfort and safety. While there are…


Cabin Fever

Yeah, yeah: more dramatic subheading. Whatever. You go try and spend a week snowed in with literally anyone, even yourself (perhaps especially yourself), and see how X-Files that shit gets. Morale is an essential part…